How to Beat Kagerou Demon in Trek to Yomi

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It’s not difficult to defeat Trek to Yomi, but you’ll still have to meet your adversary before the credits roll. You’ll have encountered bosses like the Sanjuro Demon by the time you return to your hamlet for the final showdown, but the Kagerou Demon is a very different beast. 

Kagerou Demon truly transforms into a monster. His body will catch fire, and he will earn a few strange new attacks. The first is a ring of energy that explodes in a little explosion. Roll away whenever you notice the white ring construction surrounding you before it detonates. 

Kagerou may even conjure up oil and flames on the ground. These will fade away in a split second, so avoid that section of the field until they wear out. Finally, he may soar into the air before bursting with an explosion of energy – take it easy when you see him lift up. Otherwise, you must continue to avoid injury by using comparable repels, counters, and run attacks. 

Here’s how to get rid of him for good.

How to Defeat Kagerou Demon in Trek to Yomi

There are 2 phases for defeating Kagerou Demon.

Phase 1:

Phase one is similar to any other samurai duel. Kagerou possesses both basic heavy swipes and multi-hit combinations. Be ready to parry and counter the harder blows when you detect that telltale gleam. This is your moment to wreak havoc. The combination is far more difficult – if you do it wrong, you’ll get numerous stab wounds. 

Fortunately, parries and counters will heal you. Concentrate on those, and don’t get greedy with your return hits, and you’ll knock Kagerou out. Feel free to bombard him with ranged assaults as well, since you have a plethora of equipment at your disposal.

Phase 2:

Kagerou actually becomes a demon in phase two. His body will catch fire, and he will get some magical new attacks. The first is an energetic ring that erupts in a short burst. Roll away as soon as you notice the white ring forming around you. Kagerou may also cause oil and flames to appear on the ground. These will fade after a minute, so avoid that area of the arena until they burn out. 

Finally, he may ascend into the air before bursting with a surge of energy – if you see him lift up, back off. Otherwise, you should continue to do damage with the same parries, counters, and ranged strikes.

Lastly, when his second-phase health bar is nearly half full, he will request assistance. You’ve met opponents like the ones he summons before, so hold your ground and exchange parries and counters to destroy them fast. This is another excellent opportunity to replenish your health before Kagerou returns.

You’ll have gone a long way by the time you confront this last boss. Remember to parry in order to stay healthy while doing damage, and you’ll come out on top.

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