Redfall – How to Get Blood Remnants

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Redfall is an action-packed FPS where you and your friends try to tackle the various vampires who have overrun your town. While dealing with these bloodthirsty fiends, you have to pick up various weapons and learn skills to help you out. You will also take some damage during your run, so keeping a tab on your health bar is equally important. As you make some progress, you will realize that your max health at that point is not enough to sustain you. Luckily you can increase your max health when you get your hands on Blood Remnants. In this guide, we will see how to get blood remnants in Redfall.

Redfall – How to Get Blood Remnants and Increase Max Health

There are two ways you can quickly raise your max health; one method is by leveling up, and the other is by increasing the max health. Here we will see how to get blood remnants in Redfall.

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While you can increase your max health every time you level up, getting blood remnants will give an added boost. Leveling up will only give you an increase in 10 health, but Blood Remnants will increase its ten folds. Blood Remnants are one of the rarest items to find, and can be obtained after defeating some high-level Vampires. You can get them specifically after defeating the Vampire Gods during the safehouse missions and Rook. You might also have some luck while exploring Vampire Nests and killing the heart of the nest. These nests can be re-explored, so this is a great way to farm Blood Remnants.

Blood Remnants have rank tiers, and depending on how powerful the tier is, the more your max HP will increase. You can get Blood Remnants in white, green, blue, purple, and gold tiers. Gold Blood Remnants are legendary remnants, and they will give you an increase of 500 HP. But you can also bump into the other rarity colors.

That’s all there is to know about getting Blood Remnants in Redfall. If you like this guide you can check out our other guides as well.

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