Redfall – How to Find and Unlock Old Town Safehouse

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Redfall has a bunch of safe areas you can fast-travel to and replenish your stash and your health. You will encounter most of them during your travels. But when you encounter them the first time, they will be locked. Luckily, to unlock safehouses, you just need to find and turn on the generator to supply some power. One of the safehouses you will encounter is in Old Town, and here in this guide, we will see how to find and unlock the Old Town Safehouse in Redfall.

Redfall – How to Find and Unlock Old Town Safehouse

The Old Town Safehouse needs to be powered up using the nearby generator so that you can gain access to it. Here we will see where to find the Old Town Safehouse and how to unlock it in Redfall.

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To find the Old Town Safehouse, head over to the location marked on the map below. You have to check the alleyways for an abandoned house. If you check around the house, you will spot a cellar door with a white house symbol on it. This is the Old Town Safehouse, but you cannot unlock it for now.

You need to run around a bit and find the generator to power up the safehouse. Luckily, you won’t have a hard time. If you check around, you will spot two red beams of light in an area, and two Watchers waiting for you overhead. You have to take out the watchers first, either by sniping or by getting close to them and using your choice of gun. Once they are taken care of, head over to the generator and power it up to gain access to the Old Town Safehouse.

That’s all there is to know about finding the Old Town Safehouse and unlocking it in Redfall. If you like this guide you can check out our other guides as well.

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