Redfall – How to Turn On The Fire Station Power

Harsh Clif
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One of the first starting game missions in Redfall requires you to clear the firehouse. The last objective of the mission is to turn on the Fire Station’s power. But, finding the switch to the power is troubling users due to the vague objective marker of the game. I think that it’s intentional and not an issue with the game. The devs want you to search for specific locations. Whatever the reason, we will show you exactly where to go to restore power to the Fire Station.

How to Restore Power to the Fire Station in Redfall

The first objective in the game is to find a weapon with steak and then kill the vampire. When you fight the vampire, it will lead you to the ground floor with the fire truck. To restore power to the Fire House, you must return to the basement where you found the shotgun and right next to the vampire feeding. Go to this location, and you will see the power switch. You can also refer to our video guide for more help.

That’s all in the quick guide. Refer to the game category to find key locations and more tips and tricks to play the game.

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