How to Find a Weapon with a Stake in Redfall

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After crossing the beach, you will come across a firehouse. Your objective is to take the firehouse by killing the cultists and the vampire, but vampires cannot be killed with regular weapons; you need a gun with a stake to deal the final blow to the vampire. We will show you where to find a weapon with a take in Redfall.

All Shotgun Locations in Firehouse Redfall

There are two shotguns in the Firehouse in Redfall. Both the shotguns have stakes on them, so finding either of the two weapons will allow you to kill the vampire in the basement. To find the first weapon, you can head straight to the basement, just meters away from the vampire, and find the shotgun with ammo. You should use this weapon if you did not kill cultists on your way here and don’t have the shotgun ammo. You will find both the shotgun with stake and ammo at this location.

The other shotgun can be found in the room next to the bathroom. This shotgun does not come with ammo but has a stake in it. So, if you already have the ammo, you can go for this weapon too. You can watch the below video to find both weapons.

That’s al;l in this quick guide. check out the game category for more guides and tips on how to play the game.

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