How to Escape the Ferry in Redfall

Harsh Clif
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Your ferry has crashed on the shores, and after the first encounter with vampires and the at the end of the cutscene, your first task is to find a weapon. The second objective is to exit the ferry. Exiting the ferry is quite simple, but we will guide you if you are having issues doing it. Before you escape the ferry, make sure you have looted the medicine cabinet, as it will allow you to heal if you take damage.

How to Escape the Ferry in Redfall

To escape the ferry, you need to break the glass of the windows and get outside. You can jump off the ferry and land on the beach from there. Go to the top floor of the ferry and loot some eatables there, then break the window and exit the ferry. You can watch our video if you need a visual guide.

That’s all we have in this short guide. Check out the game category for more guides and tips to play the game.

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