How to Find a Weapon in Redfall

Harsh Clif
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Redfall is an action-horror game that’s available on PC and Xbox. You can get the game from the Xbox Game Pass or Steam. Your ferry has crashed, and after the first cutscene, your job is to find a weapon first. The first weapon can be found on the ferry near a dead body. We will guide you to the exact location.

How to Find the First Weapon in Redfall

Besides the first weapon on the ferry, there are a bunch of other items like medicines and supplies that you should collect. For convenience, go to the basement and take the stairs to the first floor. Bodies are lying on this floor. One of these bodies has a pistol lying nearby. You will also get some ammo with the weapon. You can watch our video for more.

While you are on the ferry’s first floor, loot the medicine cabinet, and you will get two medicines, which are great for healing. You will also find some other items near the woman’s body. Once you have collected the items and have your first weapon, exit the ferry, which is the next objective.

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