How to Get Portable UV Beam UV-102B “Medusa” in Redfall

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Portable UV Beam UV-102B “Medusa” is an important weapon you need in the game due to the damage it does to vampires and Bloodbags emitting the red mist. To kill the bloodbags, you need the Medusa. The good news is that getting to the weapon’s location is part of the main mission, so you will not likely miss it. However, if you overlook and miss getting the gun, you may have to return to the site to get it. So, here is where you can get the UV-102B “Medusa” in Redfall.

How to Get UV-102B “Medusa” in Redfall

One of the first missions you are assigned is to collect gear. You will see two planes crash as soon you leave the fire station after taking on the mission. Both the crash sites have a lot of weapons you can collect, but the second crash site, which is the furthest from the base camp, has the UV-102B “Medusa.”

To get the UV-102B “Medusa,” you must go to the second crash site and through all the cache scattered across the site. You will find two UV-102B (level 1 and level 2). The level 2 UV-102B “Medusa” can be found inside the helicopter.

Ensure you have visited the first crash site and gathered weapons before going to the second site, as the enemies in the second site are more, and there are more vampires too.

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