Redfall – How to Clear Red Mists

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Redfall is an action-packed FPS filled with bloodthirsty vampires and carnage as you fight your way through the horde. There are several new elements added to the game, and one of them is Red Mist or Death Mist. These deadly mists will zap your health if you are inside for too long, and they also make you super sluggish. They are found blocking important areas in the game. In this guide, we will see how to clear Red Mists in Redfall.

Redfall – How to Clear Red Mists

Red Mists or Death Mists are a result of residual evaporated blood from petrified Bloodbag cultists who are used as a food source by Vampires. Here we will see how to get rid of Red Mists in Redfall.

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If you notice a red mist and accidentally get trapped in one, you will see that you are continuously taking damage. It will also make you slow, so getting out of there quickly will be a challenge. To get rid of these deadly mists, you need to find and eliminate the source. These mist types are emitted from Bloodbags, a cultist turned half-vampire in Redfall. You can spot them somewhat further away from the mist. They are usually found in a half-petrified state, so it is very easy to spot and kill them.

Once you spot a Bloodbag, you need to use the UV Beam UV-102B “Medusa” to kill the enemies that spread the red mist. This is one of the specialty weapons you can get while completing the main story missions. Using the Medusa on the Bloodbag will turn them into stone, making them completing vulnerable and immobile. After that, use any weapon of choice to destroy them. Once they are eliminated, the mist will clear out and you can continue with your journey in Redfall.

You can also check out the video guide below to get a better picture of how to defeat Bloodbags and clear the red mist in Redfall. Also, please do like and subscribe to our YouTube channel to get new game guides.

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