Redfall – How to Get Missing Dolls in The House of Echoes Mission

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Redfall takes you on a crazy vampire-filled ride, and you are tasked with solving the mystery of the vampire outbreak. There are several missions you can pick up during the adventure that will take you one step close to the mystery. One of the quests you can pick up is the House of Echoes quest, where you have to search Dr. Addison’s lab for clues. Your first objective for the quest is to find 3 missing dolls. In this guide, we will see where to locate all three missing dolls in Redfall.

Redfall – All Missing Dolls Locations in The House of Echoes Mission

The first objective in the House of Echoes mission is to find three missing dolls. Here we will see where to locate all dolls in Redfall.

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You can find the clues to locate all three missing dolls by picking up Amelia’s Story inside the Addison Mansion. The Lucy doll can be found in the kitchen, the Tina Doll can be found in the loft, and finally, visit the greenhouse to get the Bella doll.

Let’s try and get the Tina doll first. The loft double doors are located on your right when you step outside the playroom and walk straight. To get the Addison Mansion Loft Key in Redfall, keep going straight till you reach the entryway with the word Hollowman on top. Get inside the room and look at the boxes at the foot of the bed on your right. You will get the loft key here.

Go back to the loft doors, unlock it, and take the stairs up. Go past the treadmills and enter the room on your right. You will find a small play area with the Tina doll there.

The other two dolls are much easier to find in Redfall . Head out of the loft and take the stairs down to the ground floor, then head left into the kitchen. You will spot the Lucy doll on the cutting board. To get the last doll, head outside the house and take the path around it on the left. You will soon reach a rundown greenhouse. The Bella doll is propped up on the flower pot on the left side.

That’s all there is to know about finding all three missing dolls in Redfall. If you like this guide you can check out our other guides as well.

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