Midnight Ghost Hunt Review – A PC Game Inspired By The Ghostbusters Movie

Go on a ghost hunt in this paranormal multiplayer hide-‘n’-seek game! Armed to the teeth with the gear to hunt ghosts and send them to the netherworld.

Who doesn’t like the Ghostbusters movie? I found the story really interesting and it had comedic elements to it as well. The movie was released in 1984 but we still have not stopped loving its characters. Now, if you are one of those people who cannot get enough of these characters then you should check out a new game that is inspired by the Ghostbuster movies. Midnight Ghost Hunt is an online first-person as well as third-person multiplayer hide-and-seek game designed for both casual and hardcore gamers. You play either as a ghost (tries to outlast all opposing Hunters ) or as a hunter (tries to eliminate all opposing Ghosts ). It’s like hiding & Seek, but with spectacular graphics and fun gameplay physics.

Ghost Hunters – Abilities and Objectives

The Hunters have 5 minutes to find all 4 Ghosts before midnight. All Hunters have to work as a team if they want to successfully win. Hunters have loads of tools such as the Radar to detect Ghosts, Pathfinder to detect Ghostly Footsteps, Ghost Traps, Ghostly shotguns, and lots of different weapons to kill the ghosts. Once a Ghost is killed the Hunters have to vacuum the Ghostly Remains that are now in the form of crystals, other ghosts can also try to help the dead Ghost if they somehow manage to revive their fallen Ghost buddies before his remains get vacuumed. Hunters have to stay on guard as they can be killed even before midnight so it’s better to stay close to other hunters.

Ghosts – Abilities and Objectives

The Ghosts can hide inside Props to deceive the Hunters and survive the First 5 minutes, that is before Midnight or they can try to eliminate Hunters and suck their souls so they dont get revived by other Hunters. Just like Hunters, Ghosts also have a plethora of different abilities such as cloak to become invisible for a short time making it difficult for the Hunters to catch them, emitting poltergeist energy that can throw objects around the map, making distractions for the Hunters so it can help other Ghosts escape or hide, doppelganger to morph into one of the Hunters. An Ability to possess objects such as TVs, Radios, Doors, and make them noisy to lure the Hunters into traps or distractions, telekinesis which lets you throw an object at people, The Apparition which sends a fake AI clone out on the same path making the hunters think its a real ghost and follows it, Death’s grip which traps hunters until they shoot it, corrupter an ability which puts a bomb inside Props making it explode and potentially killing a hunter if they interact with it. Ghosts cannot camp in the same place for too long as they start building ectoplasm ( a substance produced by the ghost’s body that leaves its trail on the ground ), Hunters can use various gadgets to follow the ectoplasm buildup and find the ghost easily so it’s better to not stay at the same spot for too long.

Plot Twist

Once the Midnight arrives that is after the first 5 Minutes, the Hunters become the Hunted as all the dead ghosts come back to life. Ghosts turn red and are more powerful now. They can potentially win if the Hunters don’t work as a team. The best way is to have some of the Hunters use Traps and C4 preventing the Ghosts to try and kill them. The Hunters can still win but its more difficult now as they have to either kill all the ghosts or survive the next 3 Minutes so the timer runs out and Hunters can escape, like the saying goes – Prevention is better than cure – Try to Eliminate all the Ghosts earlier so you don’t have to face all these extra challenges in the first place.

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Midnight Ghost Hunt


Midnight Ghost Hunt is a fun game to play alone or with friends. It has its flaws, granted, however they do not take away from the overall outcome of this game. I would recommend this game to anyone looking for a good laugh and hours of playing with friends, or even random people. It's also a great shout if you are looking for something competitive down the line.

What We Loved
  • • For 20$, this game is an absolute steal. • For an Indie Game, it has amazing graphics. • A great number of abilities for both Ghosts and Hunters. • Certain props have active abilities that can be used smartly to help ghosts fight back against hunters. • When you're dead as a ghost you can still use support abilities that can help other ghosts to survive longer. • Plenty of maps with great map design. • An amazing experience with friends or even with random people.
What We Hated
  • • Ectoplasm builds up way faster making it more challenging for the ghosts. • Terrible server stability makes the game glitch and lags every once in a while. • Hunters are massively overpowered as they can counter any ghostly ability without a fuss. • Hunters have infinite ammo which makes them shoot everything and Ghosts really don’t have much of a cover to hide anywhere as everything gets destroyed. • Hosts randomly left causing the entire lobby to be disbanded while in-game. • A lot of bad ping matches which are completely unplayable.
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