The Quarry Review Roundup

 The Quarry Review Roundup

The Quarry is finally out and reviews for the game have started to flow in. The initial reception of the game was solid, and players seem to love the survival adventure title. Supermassive Games’ developed this title as a spiritual successor to Until Dawn (2015). The game is averaging on a review aggregator with a respectable score of 80. Some reviews have been very positive, praising every aspect of the game, while some other reviews point out places that need attention and could have been improved.

The Quarry Game Info

  • Game Name: The Quarry
  • Platforms: PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One
  • Developer: Supermassive Games
  • Publisher: 2K Games
  • Release Date: June 10, 2022
  • Price: $60

The Quarry Review Roundup

Here are other critics’ opinions on the game.

1. Wccftech (Score: 90/100)

“The Quarry is yet another impressive title by Supermassive Games. While it doesn’t veer away from their previous titles, their ability to write an interesting story with compelling characters is only improving. Featuring several red herrings and twists, The Quarry will keep you guessing and gives you an ever-increasing impact on how the story turns out. There are still a few niggles here and there, such as the sloth-like character movement and a few facial animation and audio quirks, but this looks better than ever and features an excellent soundtrack. If you’re a fan of Until Dawn or The Dark Pictures games, you’ll like this; particularly as the larger budget comes with a much bigger cast and a much larger and more branching story.” – Read full review.

2. Game Informer (Score: 85/100)

“The Quarry is a celebration of horror with enough twists and turns to excite even the most jaded aficionado. It manages to avoid the tropes inherent with its summer camp setting by giving each of the protagonists a thorough opportunity for characterization and makes you care enough about each of them for their fates to matter. It’s not without flaws. In particular, the exploration sections have a few issues. However, Supermassive Games’ return to AAA manages to exceed the high bar set by Until Dawn.” – Read full review.

3. Guardian (Score: 80/100)

“The Quarry’s charming writing and cinematic presentation make it an engrossing horror caper – even if this is, paradoxically, a game that’s often at its best when you’re not actively playing it.” – Read full review.

4. The Gamer (Score: 80/100)

“The Quarry is an excellent survival horror experience with a strong cast of characters and a startling horror narrative that delights with campy scares and unexpected twists. Fans of Until Dawn and The Dark Pictures need to pick this up, or even those after a spooky outing either alone or with friends. It isn’t the alien abduction story I’ve been waiting for, but it still proves that Supermassive Games is the undisputed king of the genre when it matters.” – Read full review.

5. Game Rant (Score: 80/100)

“The Quarry is predominantly a successful offering from Supermassive, with a satisfying amount of scares paired with recurring weak points from previous titles that slightly mar the experience. The positives far outweigh the negatives, however, and the game will no doubt please fans of the genre with its fun though not entirely innovative story. The Quarry fully delivers on its promise of a campy horror experience and is one of the best titles from the developer since Until Dawn.” – Read full review.

6. GAMINGbible (Score: 80/100)

“Rewarding those who are restrained as well as those who are reckless, The Quarry is nerve-shredding as a single-player game – so who knows what chaos will ensue with its multiplayer modes? For fans of schlocky yet satirical horror games and films, The Quarry is not one to miss.” – Read full review.

7. IGN (Score: 70/100)

“The Quarry is a fun, bloody thrill ride on your first playthrough, but its lack of interactivity and a lot of little issues drag down the whole.” – Read full review.

8. PC Games (Score: 70/100)

Quotation forthcoming. – Read full review.

9. PC Gamer (Score: 70/100)

“A gripping horror story, but one where the interactive elements struggle to sustain the tension.” – Read full review.

10. Eurogamer (Unscored)

“If it hadn’t have been for that thoroughly unjust Rewind right at the end of my playthrough, The Quarry – with its stunning visuals, wonderful voice work, fabulous score, and intriguing plot line – would have been one of my favourite games of the year thus far, and one of the best horror romps for some time. As it stands, though, it’s hard to feel anything but disappointment for a game that took all my time and effort and just discarded them without warning. It’s one thing to kill off a character; it’s another to kill off a player’s enthusiasm.” – Read full review.

11. Rock, Paper, Shotgun (Unscored)

“So, The Quarry isn’t perfect by any means, and you can throw in some QTE or choice moments that feel like they cheated you on top of that. But even if it were perfect, its full price entry sticker might still feel like a pretty big ask for some people. It’s also not actually that frightening, if I’m honest. Instead, it goes more for “tense and thrilling” even at its most hightened moments. But The Quarry improves on almost all the flaws of Supermassive’s Dark Pictures Anthology, and picks up the baton from Until Dawn as if all those years haven’t passed at all. It’s cool, creepy, a bit funny, and a great summer horror treat for anyone missing monster movies.” – Read full review.

12. Polygon (Unscored)

“As long as you can tolerate the moments where the veil slips and the story’s illusion momentarily breaks, there’s a great horror story to enjoy, full of satisfying twists, creepy characters, and tantalizing mysteries.” – Read full review.

13. GamesRadar+ (Score: 60/100)

“A fun but poorly paced horror adventure that’s both slow to start and over too fast.” – Read full review.

14. GameSpot (Score: 90/100)

“Supermassive doesn’t shy away from the fact that The Quarry is essentially an interactive movie. The mechanics haven’t evolved since Until Dawn was released seven years ago, and that’s perfectly fine. The basic system of choice and consequence is still highly effective at building suspense and lending a massive amount of weight to each decision you make.” – Read full review.

15. Destructoid (Score: 8.5/10)

“If you’ve been on any of Supermassive’s wild rides before, you know what to expect by now–familiar faces from film and TV, lots of chatting, quieter clue-finding moments, plenty of frantic quick-time events, a guiding force in between chapters, and some gut-feeling life-or-death calls–The Quarry covers all of those bases, and it covers them well.” – Read full review.

16. GameGrin (Score: 100/100)

“The Quarry’s charming cast and eye-watering visual splendour are worth the price of entry alone, but its strong, varying plot is where it truly pops.” – Read full review.

Thoughts on this game are all over the place, but overall it was quite well received.


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