All Weapon Skills in V Rising – Explained

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There are 7 different weapons your character can wield in V Rising, and each weapon has 3 sets of weapon skills that you can use. In this guide, we will see what all the weapon skills in V Rising are.

All Weapon Skills in V Rising – Explained

You can get weapons in the game by crafting or getting the recipe from defeated bosses. As you keep progressing through the game you will get better weapons to craft and use, as well as increase your gear score. Here we will see all the weapon skills that you can use in V Rising.

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Each weapon has three main skills that you can use, either while in combat or during a gathering. You can upgrade weapons using Copper and Iron to get the secondary and tertiary skills. Below are all the weapons available in V Rising and their skills.


The very first craftable weapon you will get in the game, the sword has a 25% damage boost while chopping down vegetation. You can still use it in battle, as it has some pretty good skills.

  • Primary Skill: Singular 180 degree slash, deals AoE damage
  • Secondary Skill: Whirlwind – does a complete 360 spin for several seconds, deals 35% AoE damage
  • Tertiary Skill: Shockwave – Sends a wave of force from your sword forwards, tossing enemies in the air and dealing 70% damage. Recasting this skill can teleport you towards the enemy and deal three hits, each costing 25% damage

Used for chopping trees, these double-wielding axes can be used if you wish to have increased movement during a fight.

  • Primary Skill: Does several AoE swings
  • Secondary Skill: Frenzy – Dash forwards and does a 180 slash AoE, dealing 100% damage if hit.
  • Tertiary Skill: X-Strike – Tosses axes in a form of an X at the target, deals 170% damage. Slows down enemies once hit.

Useful while mining for having a 25% mining boost, the Mace can be used for getting Ore and Minerals. It can slow down the user during battle, but the Mace’s AoE damage is unparalleled.

  • Primary Skill: performs 3 swings at the enemy
  • Secondary Skill: Crushing Blow – Dashes towards the enemy and first slams the ground before performing a 360 AoE damage.
  • Tertiary Skill: Smack – Deals significantly more damage due to weapon empowerment, deals a powerful smack that can push enemies.

The only ranged weapon and the last weapon to be procured in the game, the Crossbow is useful for dealing with ranged attacks.

  • Primary Skill:  Fires an arrow that deals damage when hit.
  • Secondary Skill: Rain of Bolts – fires 5 bolts into the air towards the marked area, does AoE damage, and deals 40% damage for each bolt
  • Tertiary Skill: Snapshot – fires a fast traveling bolt that deals 75% damage.

The Reaper can deal massive amounts of damage but can slow you down in the process. If you are overwhelmed by enemies, then the Reaper can act as crowd control.

  • Primary Skill: does a combo attack in sets of 3, which deals 50/50/55 damage
  • Secondary Skill: Tendon Swing – performs a 360 swing, dealing 125% AoE damage and knockback.
  • Tertiary Skill: Howling Reaper – Tosses a howling reaper to the target area and spins in place, dealing 20% damage per hit and slowing down enemies.

The Slasher resembles a dagger, and doesn’t deal a lot of damage but can make the user more agile. Useful for close combat, especially while stealthing.

  • Primary Skill: performs a 3 combo melee attack
  • Secondary Skill: Elusive Strike – creates a target area and deals damage inside it by dashing back and forth.
  • Tertiary Skill: Camouflage – Can camouflage oneself and gain increased movement by up to 25% for six seconds. Next damage will deal 80% increased damage and can incapacitate the enemy for three seconds. 

Offers a 25% boost in damage if used to hunt creatures, the Spear is useful if you are looking for more creatures to kill.

  • Primary Skill: Thrusts the spear 3 different times to form a combo attack
  • Secondary Skill: A Thousand Spears – thrusts the spear 8 times for a multi-stab attack.
  • Tertiary Skill: Harpoon – Can pull the enemy close and deal 70% damage

These are all the weapon skills that you can use in V Rising. If you like this guide you can check out our other guides as well.

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