V Rising – How to Get Irradiant Gruel

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V Rising’s latest Gloomrot update lets you craft new items and fight new bosses while exploring the newly launched region. One of the items you can get your hands on is Irradiant Gruel, which will help increase the blood quality of your prisoners. You can craft this item after getting the required recipe for it, and if you are wondering how to get it, you can keep reading. In this guide, we will see how to get Irradiant Gruel in V Rising.

V Rising – How to Get Irradiant Gruel

Irradiant Gruel can help increase the blood quality of your prisoner greatly, but it also has a chance of turning the prisoner into a raging mutant. Here we will see how to get Irradiant Gruel in V Rising

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To get the Irradiant Gruel recipe, you need to find and defeat V Rising Angram the Purifier. This boss is one of the newer bosses in the Gloomrot region and is a level 60 V boss. Once you defeat Angram, you can unlock the recipe for Irradiant Gruel. Now all that is left is to craft the item. Head over to your castle and visit the Alchemy table. You will find the recipe for Irradiant Gruel unlocked, but you will need the required materials to craft it. For the Irradiant Gruel, you will need 15x Plague Brier and 15x Mutant Grease.

How to Get Mutant Grease in V Rising

You can get mutant grease by visiting the new Pools of Rebirth area in Gloomrot and defeating the mutant enemies there.

How to Get Plague Brier in V Rising

Plague Brier is a flower that can be found all across Gloomrot. You have to do a bit of scavenging in the wild to get this item. You can even find it inside chests if you are lucky.

Once you get both items, head back to the alchemy table to craft V Rising Irradiant Gruel. You can now feed it to a prisoner to boost their blood quality or watch them turn into a mutant.

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