How to Win While Playing as a Survivor in Evil Dead, The Game

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Evil Dead, The Game’s gameplay mechanic is such that there are 4 survivors against hoards of demons, which makes reaching the end of the challenge difficult, but not impossible. In this guide, we will include some tips and tricks on how to win while playing as a survivor in the Evil Dead Game.

How to Win While Playing as a Survivor in Evil Dead, The Game

You and your team are tasked with sending all the Deadites back where they came from, and they will try to stop you at every chance they get. Here we will see some ways to win while playing as a Survivor in Evil Dead, The Game.

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There are a couple of objectives that you and your team will have to complete before the timer reach zero. You have 30 minutes to find and complete all of them. Below is the step-by-step guide on what to do while playing as a Survivor.

There are a couple of things that you must do to complete the level. You will have to find 3 map pieces, find and protect the Necronomicon as well as the Kandarian Dagger, and also banish the Evils present in the area.

Finding the Map Pieces will lead you to the Kandarian Dagger and the Necronomicon, and you can check your map to find the objective markings, indicating where to search. Once you have your three map pieces, you can now locate both the items on your map. Once you find them, you will have to complete the lost pages for the Necronomicon, as well as piece together the dagger. Enemies will come for you when you try to locate and piece together both the items, so you and your team will have to stick together to fend them off.

Once both items have been completed, you will now have to seek out the Dark Ones. You will automatically get its location on the map, but you will also face plenty of Deadites who will try to stop you. You will have to make your way to the spot with your team, then use the dagger to defeat the Dark Ones. Now all that is left is to protect the Necronomicon from the demons. This is where everyone’s strength and weakness play a part in bringing down the demons till the timer runs out. Once the clock hits zero and you have completed all the missions, you will win the game.

That’s all there is to know about how to play and win as a survivor in Evil Dead, The Game. If you like this guide you can check out our other guides as well.

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