List of All Mission Rewards in Evil Dead: The Game

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Evil Dead: The Game is Saber Interactive’s latest survival horror game and was released on 13th May 2022. The game takes the players into a world full of Deadite and other demons where survival is a challenge. Players need to play as a Survivor and complete several missions to progress through the game. Completing these missions will give them different rewards. This guide will help you know about the rewards you can get by completing missions in Evil Dead: The Game.

Complete List of Mission Rewards in Evil Dead: The Game

The game features several Survivor characters and several challenges for them to overcome to reach the climax. The majority of the Survivor character need to be unlocked through these missions, and they are also the mission rewards. The game has six missions, and below we are listing the rewards for completing these missions-

If you love someone, set them free… with a chainsawKnowby Recording 1 and Ash Williams, a powerful Survivor with support abilities
Party DownKnowby Recording 2 and Funeral Attire
Kill ‘Em AllKnowby Recording 3 and Amanda Fisher, a Hunter Class Survivor.
It’s Not Gonna Let You Go!Knowby Recording 4 and Pablo Simon Bolivar, a supporting Survivor character
Home Coming KingKnowby Recording 5 and Lord Arthur, a Powerful Survivor
Coming Soon…Not yet known

These are the rewards you can acquire by completing these missions in Evil Dead: The Game. If you are curious to know about the rewards you can get from the missions in Evil Dead: The Game, check out our guide for help. We’ll update the reward section of the last mission once we get some information.

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