Guide to Complete It’s Not Gonna Let Us Go Mission in Evil Dead: The Game

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Evil Dead: The Game is Saber Interactive’s latest survival horror game and was released on 13th May 2022. The game takes the players into a world full of Deadite and other demons where survival is a challenge. Players need to play as a Survivor and complete several missions to progress through the game. There are six missions to complete in Evil Dead: The Game, and It’s Not Gonna Let Us Go is the fourth mission you’ll get as you progress through the game.

This guide will help you know how to complete the It’s Not Gonna Let Us Go mission in Evil Dead: The Game.

It’s Not Gonna Let Us Go Mission Guide- How to Complete?

To complete this mission, players need to play as Pablo. Before you begin with the mission, search the building where you have spawned to get some useful items like amulets, weapons, etc. Once you have done searching, now your next task is to visit the Fairview Campground where you’ve to meet Ash. While you are going there, you’ll find an army of Deadite has covered the area. Don’t go near them. Instead, stay at a safe distance and use your ranged weapon to kill these Deadite. You can’t take them down only using the ranged weapon as they will come near you. Fight with them face to face and take them all out.

You’ll find Ash’s Chainsaw when you arrive at the exact location, but Ash will be nowhere there. To find Ash, you need El Brujo’s help, and you need to visit his house for it. Drive the car to his house but avoid hitting Deadite on the road. Hitting them can damage your vehicle. But in Evil Dead: The Game, it is impossible to avoid Deadite, and they will appear when you reach your destination.

After you have wiped out all of them, head inside the house and search for Pablo’s Amulet. Once you get it, wear it, and you’ll become invisible to the Deadites. Head to the Railway Loop on the northern side, and you’ll get Ash’s Possessed Hand which will take you to his location. You’ll get the hand on the west side of the Railway Loop. The hand will run away from the location and hide in the Dead End, and you have to make your way there.

With the help of the Amulet, you can move through the Deadites without any fight and reach Dead End. When you find the hand there, it’ll show you the location of Ash. You’ll find Ash injured in Jake’s Gas’n Sip. Collect gas from two different locations- first from Wadesboro Junkyard and second from Shockley Auto and fill Ash’s car with them. The last step is to drive the car towards the east and escape. The Deadites will try to stop you; avoid hitting them and drive your car to complete the mission.

That’s all you need to know about completing the It’s Not Gonna Let Us Go mission in Evil Dead: The Game. If you are stuck while playing and want some help, check out our guide for required information.

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