Evil Dead: The Game

Evil Dead, The Game Best Build for Warrior Ash

Ash Williams (Army of Darkness) can dish out max damage if you can create his build properly. In this guide, we will see the best build you can use while playing as Warrior Ash in Evil Dead, The Game.

Evil Dead, The Game Best Build for Warrior Ash

Ash Williams has many different forms in Evil Dead, The Game, and each of them can be played under different classes. Here we will see how to optimize Warrior Ash’s build in Evil Dead, The Game.

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Under the warrior class, you have Ash Williams, Henry the Red, and Scotty, but out of the others, Ash has the best passive skills that make him unstoppable. Once Ash reaches level 25, which is the max level, you will have all the passives unlocked. His passives include Finish Strong, Shield Blast, and Weapon Master: Chainsaw, while his active skill is Wiseman’s Potion.

Wiseman’s Potion deals with increased damage and increased damage resistance, and also grants fear reduction and improved health. Shield Blast is as the name suggests, Ash will trigger an AoE explosion once his shield is diminished. Weapon Master: Chainsaw gives his chainsaw increased damage and improved attack speed, while Finish Strong can help Ash recover some of his shields back whenever he slays an enemy using a finishing move.

Below are the moveset available and the level to upgrade them to for Warrior Ash.

  • The Last Word – While performing a combo, the last hit will cause increased damage. (Level 1 +15%)
  • Reinforced Amulet – When Ash activates his shield, incoming damage is reduced. Level 4 will just cause a 2% increase, which is not needed. (Level 3 +10%)
  • Improved Amulet – Increases Shield Bar length. Level 4 will only give you a 2% increase. (Level 3 +10%)
  • Artful Dodger – Reduces the cost of Stamina for dodging. (Level 1 +15%)
  • Industrial Strength – Increases maximum health (Level 4 +25%)
  • Devastating Force – Increased melee weapon damage. (Level 4 +15%)
  • Cutting Blows – Increased dismemberment damage for all melee weapons. (Level 1 +10%)
  • Razor’s Edge – Increased dismemberment damage for all sharp weapons. Useful for the chainsaw. (Level 2 +30%)
  • Sting Like A Bee – Increased damage dealt by any light melee attacks. (Level 3 +15%)
  • Seeing Stars – Increased balance bar damage from any of Ash’s melee attacks. Useful for performing finishers and recovering shields. (Level 3+ 25%)

That’s all there is to know about Warrior Ash’s best build in Evil Dead, The Game. If you like this guide you can check out our other guides as well

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