Evil Dead: The Game – Why It Features Multiple Versions of Ash Explained

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Evil Dead: The Game is the newest addition to the list of the survival horror games of this year and is considered the scariest among the Evil Dead franchise games. The game has gained more than expected popularity, and the players are happy with almost every aspect of the game. There are several Survivor characters available in the game, and Ashley Williams is one of them. Except for Ash, no Survivor has multiple in-game versions available.

This guide will try to explain the logic behind featuring multiple Ash Characters in Evil Dead: The Game.

Reason to Feature Multiple Ash Characters in Evil Dead: The Game

Ashley Williams, or Ash, is the primary protagonist of the Evil Dead franchise. The latest game Evil Dead: The Game, has five different variations of this character, including four Survivors and a Demon. Because the game has made a slight exception, and this time, players can also play as Demon Characters besides Survivors; they can play as Ash while selecting demon characters.

The game features four different classes of Survivors, and Ash is presented in every Class. The Leader class has Ash vs. Evil Dead Ash; the Hunter class has Evil Dead 2 Ash; Warrior Class has Ash from Army of Dead; and the Support Class Ash with healing abilities. Now, if you are wondering why Ash is there in all these classes, the reason is that the game has featured a lot of portals to travel back and forth in different dimensions. Evil Dead’s Book of the Dead, Necronomicon, is also a Mirror Dimension. These portals make it possible to have more than one Ash in the game. Also, the Evil Ash in the game is described as a clone of the real Ash. Therefore, it also defines the existence of multiple Ash in one place.

These are the reasons why Evil Dead: The Game has multiple Ash Williams features simultaneously. It is not at all absurd or without logic. Instead, the developers have well-knit the previous stories to make Ash appear in all the classes in Evil Dead: The Game. If you are curious to know the reason behind the existence of multiple Ash in the game, check out our guide for relevant information.

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