All Survivor Classes and What They Mean in Evil Dead, the Game

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Evil Dead, The Game is an asymmetrical horror survival game that was released on Friday the 13th, and it follows a similar experience from the movie and television franchise of the same name. In this guide, we will see all the types of survivors that you can play as in Evil Dead, the Game.

All Survivor Classes and What They Mean in Evil Dead, the Game

Fans can now expect to play as either the survivors or the demons in Evil Dead, the Game, and since it is co-op enabled, you can join your friends to take down the evil forces. Here we will see what type of survivor will suit your gameplay style in Evil Dead, The Game.

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While playing as a survivor, there are four different classes to choose from, and each class has its strengths as well as weaknesses. You will need to plan as to what member you would like to play since a lot is riding on each member of the team. As a group of four, you will have to work together to find gear and weapons and to find the Kandarian Dagger to beat the Dark Ones. You and your team should also be strong enough and well equipped to defend the Necronomicon to complete the level. Below are the four classes you can choose to be in.


The Leader has a few tricks up their sleeves, such as providing aura to their team members to reduce Fear, and it will also reduce any damage taken as well as increase all outgoing damage. Ash Williams (Ash vs. Evil Dead), Annie Knowby, and Lord Arthur are well-known Leader characters you can choose from.


If you like to play in close-range combat and have a lot of strength, then the Warrior class is for you. This melee class can dish out incredible damage in close range, as well as reduce any incoming damage or gain damage immunity for a short time. Ash Williams (Army of Darkness), Scotty, and Henry the Red are the perfect examples of front-lining offense characters.


Hunter classes are for players who would prefer to deal with mid or long-ranged attacks, preferably using a firearm. If you like to stay on the sidelines, then choosing to play as a Hunter is ideal. While you will be able to deal a lot of damage, you won’t be able to take much in the process. Ash Williams (Evil Dead 2), Ed Getley, Kelly Maxwell, and Amanda Fisher are ideal Hunters to play as.


Every team needs a support player to help with healing and protection. Support classes can reduce fear, grant shields, and heal teammates. They have extra consumables and quicker cooldowns, which helps them use their abilities when needed. While not ideal in a fight, they are still important to have around. Ash Williams (The Evil Dead), Cheryl Williams, and Pablo Simon Bolivar are the best support characters to play with.

That’s all there is to know about the Survivor class types in Evil Dead, The Game. If you like this guide you can check out our other guides as well.

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