Evil Dead, The Game – Party Down! Mission Guide

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If you are heading to the second mission, then you should realize that it will only get tougher the further into the game you go. In this guide, we will see how to finish the mission for Party Down in Evil Dead, The Game.

Evil Dead, The Game – Party Down! Mission Guide

Instead of one linear mission line like how it was previously, for Party Down, you will get five objectives to complete. Here we will see how to complete the mission in Evil Dead, The Game.

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While the objectives for Party Down can be accomplished in any order, it is best to follow a certain path to complete it. Otherwise, you will be left overwhelmed and underequipped if you pick up a tougher objective early on. Below are the steps you should take to complete the Party Down quest.

Location #1

You can freely explore the area where you spawn and check around for items and loot. Pick up the Wiseman’s Brew nearby, then head over to the station. Pick up the Shemp’S Cola at the entrance and the Amulet inside the station, then loot all the ammo you can find. There is also a shovel, a shotgun, and a revolver, pick the shovel for melee attacks and the revolver for quicker reloading.

Location #2 – North

Heading north first is your best bet, as you can loot items from Harry’s House on the way, as well as use the light source to reduce the Fear meter. Ignore the ammo loot after picking up the Wiseman’s Brew, as the attacking tree will not allow you to get close to it. Once you go onwards, you will be attacked by a group of nine deadites. Use your revolver to take them down, you will only need one or two shots per deadite to clear the area. You can also use the shovel to take down the less dangerous deadites, and save the revolver for the mini-bosses.

Location #3 – West

Head to the Shockley Auto area and defeat the deadites and one Elite here. They are not that difficult to tackle, and you can easily melee them with your shovel, or shoot the elite with your revolver if you have any ammo left. After they are down, loot the area for ammo and consumables, then head east.

Location #4 – East

Once you have cleared the western area, head east to defeat the deadites there. There is a tree at the corner of the Royal Oak cemetery that will attack you, so try to get around that. You will also find two legendary weapons in the area, and if you have to pick one, then it is recommended to choose the crossbow. Look around for any more loot, then pick up the Wiseman’s Brew to trigger the next fight. Unload the crossbow on the boss to bring down its enormous health, and attack while at range.

Location #5 – South

Now head back to where the legendary pistol and crossbow were, but don’t pick up the pistol just yet. Instead, swap for the humble shotgun, since you will need something more powerful that can bring down your next enemy. While heading south, stop by the shack southwest of the graveyard. Use the light and pick up the Shemp’s Cola. Now head over to Dead End to loot the items here. To trigger the fight, pick up the Wiseman’s Brew to summon 10 deadites. Like how it was while defeating the Deadites at the north, use the same technique here. Use the shovel on the weaker deadites and the shotgun on the mini-boss.

That’s all there is to know about the Party Down mission and how to complete it in Evil Dead: The Game. If you like this guide you can check out our other guides as well.

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