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Max Levels for Demons and Survivors in Evil Dead, The Game

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You would want to bring your character up to max levels if you wish to win the game. In this guide, we will see what the max levels are for both demons and survivors in Evil Dead, The Game.

Max Levels for Demons and Survivors in Evil Dead, The Game

In Evil Dead, The Game, it is a battle for survival between good vs. evil, and if you want your side to win, then you should level up your characters to beat the game. Here we will see what the max levels that can be achieved for both demons and survivors are in Evil Dead, The Game.

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If you wish to get stronger, you must farm a lot of XP and use them to upgrade skills for your demons and survivors. You will get spirit points after completing a match, which you can then use in the collection screen to upgrade any skill you wish. The same process applies to both, demons and survivors. As far as the level cap is concerned, Survivors are capped at Level 25, while Demons can power up to Level 45. This might give Survivors a disadvantage while engaging with a maxed-out demon, but that’s just how the gameplay is currently. Survivors can quickly gain XP by playing against an AI Demon, but you will need to play with friends or other players if you wish to farm XP, as solo or custom modes do not give you anything.

Having a maxed-out Survivor will give you the achievement Hail to the King, which you can show off in your trophy collection. Also, a maxed-out demon or survivor will not be able to farm any more skills, so if you are building up your ultimate character, you will have to do so vigilantly.

That’s all there is to know about max levels for both demons and survivors in Evil Dead, The Game. If you like this guide you can check out our other guides as well.

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