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Evil Dead: The Game- How To Beat Homecoming King During Fifth Mission

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The Evil Dead game Mission 5, Homecoming King, is (for the time being) the final Evil Dead game single-player mission, with its own rewards and difficulties for players looking to gain a new character from Army of Darkness: Lord Arthur. This is perhaps the most difficult task so yet, which is saying a lot considering the difficulties. 

In Mission 5, you must beat the time, navigate the area, collect unique weapons, survive many boss encounters, and overall demonstrate mastery of many of Evil Dead: The Game’s main components. With our walkthrough and advice below, we’ll show you the easiest method to complete Mission 5, Homecoming King. 

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Beating the Homecoming King in Evil Dead: The Game

Following is the strategy to beath the Homecoming King during the Fifth Mission:

1. Gather materials from the hut and the nearby secret shovel

You must obtain the Kandarian Dagger in Fishing Village at the start of the assignment, but first, you must obtain several weapons and supplies to make things easier. You must plunder the basement of the Lucky Valley Lodge, which has a vehicle parked outside. 

Grab the ammunition, matchsticks, and amulets, then in the basement, you’ll find a Shovel, which will be the greatest melee weapon for this quest because it does critical damage and can penetrate the adversaries’ shields.

You must maintain this shovel throughout the game, thus do not exchange it with any other melee weapon. After looting the shovel, three skeleton foes will appear outside the house; kill them and loot their ammunition. Now, jump through the back window to locate a warehouse near the home where you may find another amulet and a crossbow.

After looting these things, proceed to the fire sign. There will be foes, so you may either one-shot them in the head with a crossbow or dispatch them with the shovel. Go to the fire symbol to get the most heals, matchsticks, and amulets.

2. Grabbing the Kandarian Dagger

After obtaining the treasure, proceed to the Fishing Village and the Kandarian Village, fight the opponents, and obtain the Kandarian Dagger. The enemy will almost certainly drop a rare crossbow, so make sure to get it as well. 

There will be a number of Shem Colas and amulets in the houses in the Fishing Village, so loot the houses to maintain everything at max.

3. Kill the Deadite Scotty at the Knowby Cabin

Though the Kandarian Dagger can be found in one of two locations, the Necronomicon is always found in the Knowby Cabin. In the main area, you’ll find various new resources, as well as a rare Fire Axe and Epic Meat Cleaver. Pick up the Fire Axe (it’s better than the Cleaver despite being less rare) and slay the Deadite Scotty who assaults you instead of the Necronomicon. 

Scotty is strong, but vulnerable to headshots; use your crossbow to dispatch him after his charge assaults miss you. Gather any supplies you can from the cabin, heal/shield if necessary, and then interact with the book when you’re ready to battle.

4. Obtain the Necronomicon

When you take up the book, the mist will encircle you until you kill eight skeletons. We advocate staying inside the cabin since you’ll have a better grasp of the region and your enemies with just two directions for them to arrive from and more ambient light. 

When they’re indoors or in corridors, use the crossbow for precise headshots, and remember the strike/takedown combination! Some of them will yield resources such as Shemp’s Cola, while the final one will drop an Epic Crossbow (which you should pick up because you won’t have it for long).

5. Navigate through the Portal and survive the “boss battle” with Evil Ash

After that, proceed north to the Portal in the little mine. As you approach, Evil Ash will arrive and initiate what appears to be a boss fight, but it is not. The player cannot win; they must merely live for the timer duration shown at the top-right – once you do, Evil Ash will vanish and the new phase will begin.

In this scene, Evil Ash cannot be slain and summons skeletons to defend himself before unleashing lethal melee attacks. If he summons skeletons, simply kill them first because you don’t want to battle a swarm of skeletons in this fight. Simply keep striking him with the sword, doing 1,000 – 2,000 damage and performing high damage attacks.

The mission will terminate after you defeat him. You will receive Lord Arthur (Survivor Leader) and Knowby Recording 5 rewards for finishing the Homecoming King mission.

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