Evil Dead: The Game

Evil Dead: The Game – How to Level Up Survivors Faster

Evil Dead The Game- How to Level Up Survivors Faster

Evil Dead: The Game is the newest addition to the list of the survival horror games of this year and is considered the scariest among the Evil Dead franchise games. The game has gained more than expected popularity, and the players are happy with almost every aspect of the game.

It is necessary to level up your character in every survival game to unlock different skills and easily face the most difficult challenges. In Evil Dead: The Game, also, if you don’t level up your Survivor, it’ll be hard for you to face challenging enemies. This guide will help you know how to level up Survivors faster in Evil Dead: The Game.

Level Up Survivors – How to Speed Up the Process in Evil Dead: The Game?

If you are an online video game fan, you are pretty aware of XP. Almost in every game, XP is the key to leveling up characters, and Evil Dead: The Game is no exception. Though it is not easy to level up your character when your opponent is a powerful demon, it’s not impossible either. Your character only needs to gather XP to level up. Evil Dead: The Game has some easy ways to farm XP and level up, Survivors.

In Evil Dead: The Game, you can always repeat missions and get XP, but it’ll apply only to the character you use during the mission. Other Survivors don’t get any benefit, or they don’t level up. Though fighting with AI demons won’t give you XP in Solo mode, you can gather a lot of XP if you play multiplayer mode and beat the AI demons. Additionally, fighting with an AI demon is much easier than fighting against a player. You can team up with random players or make your own team of your friends and use different Survivor characters to kill AI demons and farm XP. We suggest making your own squad as it’ll be a much easier option.

Like Solo games, you cannot get XP in Custom Games. Therefore, it’s the only choice to form a team and play with your friends to farm XP. You can play every demon mode to kill AI demons and Deadites to farm as much XP as possible. That’s all you need to know about how to farm XP and level up your survivor faster in Evil Dead: The Game. If you are looking for a guide to get some help, check out our guide for relevant information.

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