All Playable Demons, Deadite Powers, and Stats in Evil Dead: The Game

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The Evil Dead franchise has been around for a long time, and with its revivals every few years, it’s hardly surprising that the game is back in full force this year. This time around, Sam Raimi’s comedy-horror vision takes the shape of Evil Dead: The Game and the game maintains the notion of four survivors facing off against a Demon as they struggle to achieve the mission and stay alive while the Demon hunts them down.

There is a vast cast of characters to choose from in Evil Dead: The Game. Choosing which Demon to play as might be especially difficult for Demons who lack teammates or help. We’ve broken down each Demon in Evil Dead: The Game, explaining each unit’s talents and skills as well as how they play out. This should perhaps assist you in determining which Demon will work for you.

All of the characters in Evil Dead: The Game is classified as Survivors or Demons. Each Demon class is comprised of one ‘boss’ and accompanying Deadites, which means you’ll have to handle four foes at the same time.

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Evil Dead: The Game – Necromancers, The Game Demon

The Necromancer class of demons is heavily influenced by the Army of Darkness. Necromancers, led by none other than Evil Ash himself, like bludgeoning Survivors, but it takes some precise preparation. As Evil Ash, you may call Skeletons that will crush and destroy Survivors if given the chance, or you can be enhanced to self-resurrect. Necromancers are a good halfway ground between Warlords and Puppeteers for individuals who are familiar with the game but not necessarily experienced.

Evil Ash

Active SkillIncreases the flautist’s additional damage and defence to surrounding evil units; the flautist cannot move or be possessed.
Skeletal SupportEvil Ash calls skeletons to aid in the fight.
Skeleton ResurrectionEvery Skeleton who dies within the aura’s influence zone resurrects.
Infernal InvigorationWhen Evil Ahs chokes a Survivor, Evil Ash recovers while harming the Survivor’s health. This attack is unavoidable. Other Survivors must assault Evil Ash in order to break the control.

Skeleton Elite

Trident SmashSkeleton Elites will rush ahead before hitting the ground. Anyone close will be hurt by the smash.
Trident TossSkeleton Elites will launch their trident, which will deliver damage if it strikes anybody.
Skeleton ResurrectionIf a Skeleton dies within the aura’s influence region, it can be resurrected.


Lunging ThreatSkeletons now have a powerful though sluggish melee attack with a great range.
War CrySkeletons will shout, doing mild damage and knocking any Survivor within range back.
DodgeSkeletons may now evade melee attacks in the same way that Survivors can.

Evil Dead: The Game – Warlords, The Game Demon

Warlords don’t mess around, even if it means cutting their own limbs off in order to halt the Survivors. These Demons are raucous and rowdy, and they are out to wreak havoc. Warlords, led by Henrietta, are perfect for individuals new to the game and unsure where to begin, as their skills are straightforward and your focus will always be on hitting others with weapons, projectiles, and fumes.


Granny HugHenrietta will trap and squeeze the head of a Survivor. To release their buddy, the other survivors must fight Henrietta.
Gas LeakHenrietta will leave a poisonous fume trail.
Belly FlopHenrietta will belly flop on the ground, injuring everyone in her path.

Deadite Elite

Big SwingThis is a 180-degree swing that inflicts significant damage on Survivors.
Deadite SmashDeadite Elites will surge forward and land a ground smash on adjacent Survivors.
Belly FlopThe Deadite Elite will belly flop on the ground, doing damage to anybody in its path.


Farewell to ArmsBasic Deadites will now pull their own arms off and use them as melee weapons.
PukeBasic Deadites will now projectile vomit on Survivors, causing them to take damage.
DodgeBasic Deadites may now evade melee assaults in the same way that Survivors can.

Evil Dead: The Game – Puppeteers, The Game Demon

Puppeteers are best suited to those who have spent some time with the game and are familiar with how things work. These alien-looking foes will try anything to thwart the Survivors, including summoning lightning and self-destructing. Puppeteers take a lot more careful preparation when it comes to bringing down the survivors because of this, as well as their telekinetic powers. While not the finest Demon for beginners, Puppeteers will please anybody eager to put their talents to the test.


Psychic SqueezeEligos may paralyse and attack Survivors via telekinesis. Other Survivors must battle Eligos in order to save their friend.
Telekinetic SurgeEligos may immobilise any nearby Survivors via telekinesis.
Casting StonesEligos will fire Rocks at Survivors.

Demi Elogos

ThunderstruckDemi Eligos will sign each survivor’s name. They will be hit by lightning if they do not move from where they are when marked.
DuplicityDemi Eligos has the ability to conjure clones of themselves that deal the same amount of damage but have far less health.
DodgeDemi Eligos may now evade melee attacks in the same way that Survivors can.

Deadite Berserker

Head RushTo cause an explosion, Deadite Berserkers will fling their own head toward Survivors.
Self DestructDeadite Berserkers will detonate, dealing severe damage to any surrounding Survivors.
DodgeDeadite Berserkers may now evade melee attacks in the same way that Survivors can.

That covers all of the Demons in the Evil Dead game. While the title was previously postponed to guarantee that it was “groovy as hell,” Evil Dead: The Game was published for PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S on May 13, 2022.

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