Evil Dead: The Game – How Long to Beat The Single-Player Missions

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The Evil Dead The game is largely a multiplayer experience, with PvP battles between Demons and Survivors. There is, however, a minor single-player component of the game that you may play alone. But how long does it take to complete the tasks in the Evil Dead game, and how long are they?

The Evil Dead does, kind of, have a campaign. It’s a set of five missions (with a sixth reportedly “coming soon”) that represent key moments from the franchise or fun side stories we haven’t seen before, such as Ash dealing with Linda’s head in Evil Dead 2 or attempting to reclaim his car after thieves steal it (with the Necronomicon in the trunk) during the era of Ash vs. Evil Dead. It’s also entirely single-player only, with no way to play with buddies in co-op or competitive mode.

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Is the Evil Dead Game Playable in Single-Player Mode?

Yes, you can play Evil Dead as a single-player, however, it isn’t the most full feature available. To summarise, individuals who wish to play the main game alone can choose an option in which other players are replaced with AI bots, allowing them to deal with Deadites without worrying about other people coming in their way.

How Long to Beat Evil Dead: The Game?

The Evil Dead game lasts around 2 hours – 2 and a half hours for the five main single-player missions. These missions take between 20 and 35 minutes to accomplish depending on your skill level and fighting experience since fights can be difficult at times in the later missions.

The five main single-player missions are:

  1. Set someone free if you love them, Using a Chainsaw

Unlocking Ash Williams character and Knowby Recording 1

  1. Party Down

Unlocking Funeral Attire and Knowby Recording 2

  1. Kill em’ all

Unlocking Amanda Fisher’s character and Knowby Recording 3

  1. It’s not gonna let us go

Unlocking Pablo Simon Bolivar’s character and Knowby Recording 4

  1. Homecoming King

Unlocking Lord Arthur and Knowby Recording 4

The menu does state that new missions will be added shortly, so it appears that Saber Interactive will be expanding the game and lengthening it in the coming months. Of course, you can’t impose a time limit on the multiplayer mode because you may play it for as long or as little as you like.

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