Evil Dead: The Game- Full Voice Cast List

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Evil Dead: The Game was released just a few days ago, and players are praising it for a lot of reasons like its gameplay, visuals, storyline, etc. Evil Dead is one of the most iconic horror game franchises, and Evil Dead: The Game is probably the scariest among all the installments. Like every other game, the in-game characters interact with each other. While interacting, you may sometime find the voices of the characters familiar, and it’s because the artists who have given these characters their voices are renowned voice artists you have listened to many times before.

This guide will give you the list of the entire voice cast of Evil Dead: The Game.

Complete Voice Cast List of Evil Dead: The Game

The latest installment of the Evil Dead franchise has brought back several renowned voice artists, and many of them have given their voices to the characters in the previous installments of this series. Others have given their voices to other animated series or video games. The developers have used the voices of several actors in the original movies. Below we are giving the list of the voice cast of Evil Dead: The Game

  1. Ash Williams: Bruce Campbell. Bruce Campbell is a renowned voice artist who’s given his voice to the video game characters for many years. Recently, you have heard him in another game, Dead by Daylight.
  2. Kelly Maxwell: Dana DeLorenzo.
  3. Scott: Richard DeManincor
  4. Shelly: Theresa Tilly
  5. Linda: Betsy Baker
  6. Cheryl Williams: Ellen Sandweiss
  7. Pablo Simon Bolivar: Ray Santiago
  8. Amanda Fisher and Meat Puppet: Kimberly Brooks
  9. Little Lori, Deadite Berserker: Krizia Bajos
  10. Deadite Beserker and Skeleton: Andrew Morgado
  11. Lord Arthur, Sewer Deadite: Piotr Michael
  12. Henry the Red Skeleton, Meat Puppet: Dave B Mitchell
  13. Henrietta, Skeleton, and Deadite Barserker: Fred Tatsciore
  14. Annie Knowby, Deadite, and Deadite Berserker: Cissy Jones
  15. Professor Knowby, Deadite, and Skeleton: Jim Pirri
  16. Demi- Eligos, Eligos, and Deadite: Kellen Goff
  17. Meat Puppet, Demi Eligos, and Deadite Berserker:  Cristina Vee
  18. Demi-Eligos, Deadite Berserker, and Skeleton Elite: Nick Murdoch
  19. Skeleton, Demi-Eligos, and Deadite Berserker: Dino Andrade

These are the voice actor cast of Evil Dead: The Game. Majority of the voices you have heard in other video games if you are a fan of video games. However, if you are looking for a guide to get the names of the voice actors of Evil Dead: The Game, check out our guide for help.

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