How to Upgrade Tools in My Time at Sandrock

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While exploring the Sandrock terrain, players may come across a shaking symbol, which indicates that they do not have the appropriate tool to harvest that resource. The first upgrade available in My Time at Sandrock is a set of bronze tools.

Players are guided through the process of creating stone tools, but when it comes time to upgrade to bronze tools, there isn’t as much instruction. To make the bronze Pickhammer and Axe, you’ll need to acquire all of the necessary raw materials and bring them to your workshop.

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Upgrading to an Iron Pickhammer and Axe in My Time at Sandrock

After you’ve mastered the bronze Pickhammer and Axe, you’ll want to go on to the iron versions. These materials may take some time to obtain, and their creation necessitates the use of an intermediary worktable.

Iron tools necessitate steel bars, which are composed of iron ore, graphite, and dinas. Iron ore and graphite may be discovered in the second abandoned ruins, while dinas can be obtained in the Eufaula Salvage Ruins by mining the dirt or dusting off sand from your machinery.

You’ll need a civil furnace to smelt steel bars, but you can also get them in iron scrap, which is the best way to find them before unlocking the second ruins. A civil recycler will be required to sort through the scrap in order to find a steel bar.

Once you have four steel bars, you’ll need a hardwood stick made from hardwood by the processor. To make the iron tools, you’ll need two of those and two sharpening stones.

Bronze Axe and Bronze Pickhammer 

Head to the worktable and look at the resources you’ll need to construct the bronze Pickhammer and Axe. The bronze Pickhammer and Axe do not require an improved worktable, but you will need certain machines to produce the materials.

Here’s a list of the components and where you can obtain them.

  • Four bronze bars- Smelted in a furnace from copper and tin ore or purchased at the Hammer Time shop. The Eufaula Salvage Ruins may be mined for copper and tin ore.
  • One sharpening stone- Only available at Hammer Time.
  • Two wooden sticks- constructed on the workbench from three pieces of wood.
  • Two copper screws- homemade or purchased from Hammer Time.

During early access, My Time at Sandrock users may only utilise those two tool upgrades. We’ll keep you updated when new tools become available.

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