How to Make Money Quickly in My Time at Sandrock

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Many people are looking forward to the sequel My time in Portia, which has been released on Steam Early Access on May 26. While natural resources are necessary for your everyday activities, you will also require a large sum of money.

In Sandrock, money was known as “Jules.” Use to purchase products and services from other characters, move faster, and expand inventory slots. This tutorial will teach you various techniques and tricks for making money, popularly known as Gols, during your time in Sandrock Early Access.

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How to Make Money Quickly in My Time at Sandrock

Here are some suggestions for making money quickly during My Time at Sandrock.

Finish your tasks

Despite the fact that this appears to be a no-brainer, the primary plot remains one of the finest money earners throughout the game. Even at the start of the game, some of the tale quest objectives will reward you with hundreds of rounds, which will go a long way toward purchasing the supplies required to proceed. 

Aside from fulfilling commissions, labouring to complete the main tale typically pays off well. Furthermore, while side missions may not provide nearly as much as the main plot, you will occasionally encounter side tasks that yield anywhere from 20 to 300 Joules, depending on how long they take and the materials required to finish them.

Completing the Commissions

Completing commissions is the most simple way to make money throughout the game, akin to My Time in Portia. While one-star commissions give a few hundred rounds at a time, the prizes grow exponentially as your rank improves. 

A one-star commission, for example, may pay you 100 to 250 Joules, whilst a three-star commission may provide you up to 2,000. By fulfilling your commissions every day, including the weekends, you will have a steady flow of Gols money during the playing time.

By selling crafts and furniture

You will acquire an abundance of resources that you will no longer require overtime. As you go through the tale, commodities like stone, plant fibres, and even rubber will become so numerous that spending a few hundred of these resources to make and sell products would not greatly impede your progress. Some examples of made and sold products include:

  • Stone Basins – Manufacturing needs x5 stone.
  • Milling Saws – To make, you’ll need x4 dynas and x1 stone.
  • Thin – manufacturing needs x2 vegetable fibres

Take advantage of your expertise

My time in Sandrock includes a new Knowledge Skill Tree system that awards Knowledge Points for levelling up certain talents. One of the most helpful skill trees for producing money is the social knowledge tree. This skill contract contains experience benefits, incentives for interacting with NPCs, and commissions. Here are some examples of effective social skills contracts to improve your commission rewards:

  • Knowing the Quality Incentive: + 10% commission bonus if you produce a higher-quality commission item than asked.
  • Knowledge topping drawing: + 5% commission incentive if you place in the top three in your trade guild.
  • Knowing the express delivery: +5% commission incentive if you finish a commission on the same day it is provided.

So that’s how to make quick money in My Time at Sandrock. If you haven’t used any of the methods yet, start today and start generating money quickly.

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