How to Get Hard Wood in My Time at Sandrock

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Pathea Games’ latest installment in the My Time Series, My Time at Sandrock, was released on 25th May 2022. Initially, it was scheduled to be released in 2021, but it finally came a year later. Its previous installment, My Time at Portia, got a huge success, and now players are excited about this new installment.

In this game, players will get several resources to complete Commissions, and Hard Wood is required to make more advanced projects in your in-game workshop. This guide will help you know how you can acquire Hard Wood in My Time at Sandrock.

Hardwood Locations in My Time at Sandrock – How to Get?

There are several uses of Hard Wood in the game; also, there are several ways to get Hard Wood in My Time at Sandrock. To begin with the search for Hard Wood, first, you need to craft a Bronze Axe. Bronze Axe is essential because you need to cut down the Cactuses around the area to get Hard Wood, and it’s impossible to cut Cactuses with the initial axe you have. So, before gathering Hard Wood, craft a Bronze Axe.

While the Cactuses can give you several pieces of Hard Wood with some other items, you can cut the Quality Wood Scrap Piles (near the Salvage Shop) or the Deadwood trees to get Hard Wood. It is better to cut as many Cactuses or Deadwood as possible to get enough Hard Wood to create new items in your Workshop. You can store the Hard Wood inside a chest.

Because Hard Wood is a vital resource to collect, try to invest enough time to collect them and store them in a chest. Don’t worry about running out of Cactuses and Deadwood Trees. These resources spawn at the beginning of each new day. Therefore, try to gather as much Hard Wood as possible to handle multiple projects simultaneously.

That’s all you need to know about getting Hard Wood in My Time at Sandrock. If you are looking for a guide to know how to get Hard Wood in the game, follow our guide for the necessary information.

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