How to Get Iron Ingots in Fire Emblem Engage

 How to Get Iron Ingots in Fire Emblem Engage

Tactical role-playing requires weapons, and there’s no way players can ignore weapons in a game where the game is based on battles and players have to battle in every chapter. Fire Emblem Engage is one of a tactical role-playing game where the characters have to engage in battles during each chapter, and winning them is a must. So, in this game, players need upgraded weapons and equipment, and this guide will help you know how to get Iron Ingots in Fire Emblem Engage.

Fire Emblem Engage Iron Ingot- How to Find?

The fire Emblem series is one of the best Nintendo series after Pokemon, and the latest game of this series, Fire Emblem Engage, was released only a day before and has earned a considerable amount of popularity. However, while playing this game, there’s no way you can ignore the weapons, and as you progress, you need to have upgraded weapons to face challenging enemies.

 In Fire Emblem Engage, the more you progress, the more things become challenging. So, if your teammates don’t have upgraded weapons to face the enemies, you can’t win the battles. Iron Ingots are one of the best materials to upgrade Weapons and Equipment in the game, and below, we have listed the ways you can get Iron in Fire Emblem Engage-

Fire Emblem Engage Iron Ingot- How to Find
  • The first thing you can do is loot the battlefield after completing each battle. Whenever your team engages in a battle and washes out the entire enemy team, roam around the battlefield, and you’ll find lots of valuable items, including Silver and Iron.
  • Another way you can use it is to bring back Dogs from Battlefields to your base. If you have been playing the game, you have probably noticed that the animals in Fire Emblem Engage drop items. Among them, Dogs drop Iron. So, whenever you return to Somniel after a battle, bring back the dogs and allow them to roam in the free area of your Farmhouse. They will give you Iron, though not in a huge quantity.

These two are the primary ways though the first one is more convenient. You can get Iron by increasing the Donation level. If you don’t know how Donation works in the game, check out our guide- HOW DONATIONS WORK IN FIRE EMBLEM ENGAGE. However, giving more Donations to a country and leveling up will allow you to get more valuable rewards, including Iron while looting battlefields after completing battles. This method requires Gold.

That’s all you need to know about how to get Iron in Fire Emblem Engage. Play the game naturally, and you’ll get lots of chances to get Iron to upgrade the weapons and equipment of your teammates.


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