How Donations work in Fire Emblem Engage 

 How Donations work in Fire Emblem Engage 

Fire emblem Engage is the new tactical turn-based game released by Nintendo. Fire Emblem Engage will make players do stories, and battles and even adopt animals as they progress. 

When the player is completing various stories and levels in Fire Emblem Engage, they will have many alliances working with them. These countries will assist you in battles and provide good resources. But to remain in the good books of the alliance countries, players will have to make sizable donations. Donations support the countries and increase your relationship with the country. So how and where players can make donations? Here’s how. 

How do donations work in Fire Emblem Engage?

In order to even have an option for donations, players need to complete chapter 3 and unlock Somniel. Somniel is the place where players will have the option to donate to allied countries. To start the donations, players need to head to the cafe located in the northern part of the castle. 

Players need to go to the terrace of the cafe where they will find a bulletin board. By interacting with the bulletin board, players will see the donation option. 

By selecting the donation option. Players can select which allied country they want to donate to and what items they will receive in exchange for donations. 

Donations can be very expensive as they require sizeable gold and you can not donate any resources besides gold. It is recommended that the player should always check how much they need to save for donations before making any purchases.

Donations are one of the crucial ways of collecting various items and resources. One of the best parts of levelling your reputation with different countries is that as the reputation, players will unlock various animals they adopt. 

Points to remember before and after donation:

  1. Always check the amount required for donations before purchasing items.
  2. Adopt different animals as you unlock them through donation because they also provide resources.
  3. Sometimes upgrading weapons or equipment are more beneficial than donations.
  4. Always set aside gold for donation purposes. 

That’s all you need to know about how donation work in Fire Emblem Engage. It is always recommended to donate but sometimes upgrading helps more in battle. 

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