Fire Emblem Engage Recruitment Guide – How to Recruit all Characters.

 Fire Emblem Engage Recruitment Guide – How to Recruit all Characters.

There are plenty of characters you can use while playing the game, but you need to unlock them all to make the most of the gameplay. Each character has unique abilities to help you out when needed, so unlocking them will help you. You will come across most of them while playing the game itself and unlocking new chapters, but if you are searching for your favorite character and need to know how many chapters are left, you can check out the list below for Fire Emblem Engage. 

Fire Emblem Engage Recruitment Guide – How to Recruit all Characters.

Recruiting more characters can help make your team more powerful. Here we will see how to recruit all characters in Fire Emblem Engage.

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As stated above, you can unlock most characters by simply playing the game and progressing through the story. Below are all the characters and what chapter you need to complete to unlock them.

ChapterCharacter Unlock
PrologueAlear (Male and Female)
Paralogue: Budding TalentJean
Paralogue: Mysterious MerchantAnna
Chapter 1: Awake at LastVander
Chapter 2: Queen LumeraClanne, Framme
Chapter 3: HostilitiesAlfred, Boucheron, Etie
Chapter 4: A Land in BloomCeline, Chloe, Louis
Chapter 6: The Stolen RingYunaka
Chapter 7: Dark EmblemAlcryst, Lapis, Citrinne
Chapter 8: The Kingdom of MightDiamant, Amber
Chapter 9: A Clash of ForcesJade
Chapter 11: RetreatIvy, Zelkov, Kagetsu
Chapter 12: The SentinelsFogado, Pandreo, Bunet
Chapter 13: Heroes of the OasisTimerra, Merrin, Panette
Chapter 14: The Battle for SolmHortensia
Chapter 15: Dancer in the RuinsSeadall
Chapter 16: Seashore TravelsRosado, Goldmary

There are certain characters you need to unlock by talking to them. During the Paralogue side quest, you have to find and talk to Jean and Anna to recruit them. The same goes for Jade in Chapter 9, but you need to talk to her when she is near Alear or Diamant. As for the other characters, you can recruit them when you find a speech bubble above their heads. Just interact with them to add them to your party.

That’s all there is to know about recruiting all characters in Fire Emblem Engage. If you like this guide you can check out our other guides as well. 

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