How to Earn SP in Fire Emblem Engage

 How to Earn SP in Fire Emblem Engage

Fire Emblem Engage has lots of mechanics and one of them is to inherit skills from other heroes. Inheriting skills gives other characters a significant boost in their stats and also makes them more flexible in battles. 

But to inherit skills, players need to collect Skill Points or SP. In this guide, you will learn what is Skill points and how to earn them. 

How to Earn SP in Fire Emblem Engage?

Early units who join at the start of the journey usually have 300-500 Skill Points from start and later units who joined at the end game usually have around 800-1000 Skill points and can be above for some characters.  

Now, In order to start earning Skill Points, players need to keep a few things in mind:

  • The party member has some Ring equipped, either a bond ring or an emblem ring. (otherwise, the player will not gain SP)
  • If an emblem ring is equipped, the character will gain 100% of XP as SP.
  • If the bond ring is equipped, the character will gain 50% of XP as SP. 

Now that you know what the things required to make sure you are earning SP points in Battle. What action will provide SP points in battle? Here are as follows:

  1. Initiating the battle will earn character SP points 
  2. Defeating the enemies will earn Character SP points
  3. Healing allies will also provide SP points
  4. Using staves also earn SP points (both offensively and defensively)
  5. Using unique actions will also provide SP points (like a dance)

Area battles in Somniel also provide SP points but only to characters equipped with Bond Rings because the area sparring battle removes all equipment from characters other than Bond Rings. 

Now after earning Skill points, players can inherit skills from other characters. You can find how to inherit skills in Fire Emblem Engage on our website. 

That’s all you need to know about how to earn SP in Fire Emblem Engage. Players need to keep in mind that the character who doesn’t have any Rings equipped will not gain SP and also who are capped at XP will continue to gain SP. 

If you find this guide How to Earn SP in Fire Emblem Engage? Helpful, you can check our website for more such guides and news. 

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