How to Make Money Fast in Fire Emblem Engage (Farm Gold)

 How to Make Money Fast in Fire Emblem Engage (Farm Gold)

Fire Emblem Engage is a tactical turn-based RPG which is the latest addition to the Fire Emblem series. In Fire Emblem Engage, players need to farm and explore the open world to get stronger for the upcoming battles.

Fire Emblem Engage also has a steep curve in difficulty after some point in the story and players need to get the strongest weapons and buffs to conquer that battle. 

In this guide, players will know how to farm gold fast and efficiently in Fire emblem Engage as Gold is necessary for every activity from crafting to purchasing. 

How to Make Money Fast in Fire Emblem Engage (Farm Gold)

Fire emblem Engage requires players to make multiple purchases for equipment, material or even material for crafting and Gold is required for every purchase. At some point in the playthrough, players will be required to farm gold. 

There are multiple ways players can farm gold in Fire Emblem Engage fast and effectively. Here are some:

  1. Complete main story

One of the easiest ways to farm gold is to complete the main story as much as possible because the difficulty in the battle gets a lot harder after some point.

  1. Paralogues

Paralogues are the side quest which gets unlocked after completing each chapter. Paralogues provide some recruitable characters and gold when completed. The best strategy is to complete some main story and after that do these side quests to get new characters and gold for upgrades. 

  1. Skirmishes

Skirmishes are randomly generated battles players can participate by simply checking their map and going to that location. The enemies in the Skirmish s also provided before starting the battle so you can plan out the battle. Skirmish provides a good amount of gold and these can be earned at regular intervals. 

  1. Defeat Gold Corrupted foes

These foes can be found in Skirmishes and Paralogues and they are a challenge to defeat. When defeated Gold Corrupted foes give a good amount of gold. The level of these foes depends on the donations, players made to the country. The higher the donations, the higher the level of Gold corrupted foes. 

  1. Recruiting Tiki and Anna 

Players can recruit Anna in Paralogue: mysterious Merchant and to recruit Tiki, players to need to buy the DLC. After getting both units, players need to give Anna Tiki’s bracelet. Anna has a skill called Make a killing which is tied to her luck (players need to max Anna’s luck stat). That skill gives 500 gold whenever Anna defeats enemies. 

That’s all you need to know about how you can farm gold fast and efficiently in Fire Emblem Engage. Farming gold is essential in almost every game and Fire Emblem Engage is no exception. 

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