All character birthdays in Fire Emblem engage

 All character birthdays in Fire Emblem engage

Fire Emblem Engage is the latest addition to Nintendo’s Fire Emblem series. Fire Emblem Engage released on January 20th and will only be available on Nintendo Switch.

Fire emblem Engage is a tactical turn-based RPG just like the series, Players will play as Alear to explore various kingdoms and defeat the evil dragon at the end. 

Just like in every Fire Emblem game, each character’s birthdays have special rewards and stat boost tied to them and Fire Emblem Engage also has that feature.

Character’s Birthdays in Fire Emblem Engage

Fire Emblem Engage has a plethora of characters and all of them have their own birthdays. Players can check the summary of the character they have and are willing to get. The summary sheets give all the information about the character from their class to even the conversation they had with you. 

Here are all the character’s birthdays:

Character Birthday 
Alear (main protagonist/ player)You can choose any date
Vander November 26
FrammeMarch 10
ClanneMarch 10
AlfredAugust 8
Boucheron May 11
EtieOctober 1
Celine December 18
Louis November 4
Chloe April 27
DiamantApril 6
Amber February 3
JadeDecember 7
AlcrystOctober 15
LapisMay 25
Citrinne November 9
IvyNovember 17
ZelkovAugust 2
KagetsuDecember 22
Hortensia June 3
RosadoJanuary 19
GoldmaryJuly 18
TimmeraAugust 29
FogadoFebruary 14
PanetteOctober 23
PandreoJanuary 6
BunetMay 30
SeadallApril 21
MerrinSeptember 24

That’s all the character’s birthday in the Fire Emblem Engage. When the character’s birthdays are near or on that day, their stats increase and they can provide extra rewards to the players. The battles in the Fire Emblem series have always been a roller coaster and some battles are very difficult to complete. The special stat boost because of the character’s birthday might help you edge past the difficult battle. Fire emblem games have always been long games to finish (around 40-50 hrs to fully complete the game), so players might need to collect some information before engaging in battles. 

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Shubham Chaurasia

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