All the playable characters in Fire Emblem Engage

 All the playable characters in Fire Emblem Engage

Fire Emblem Engage is the new tactical turn-based RPG game published by Nintendo. Fire Emblem Engage is the new instalment in the fire emblem series. Fire Emblem Engage has a similar gameplay to the old games but they have new Emblem rings which allow players to have old Emblem game lords. 

Fire Emblem Engage has a lot of playable characters, some are new to the franchise and some are returning from the old games. 

Fire Emblem Engage Playable Characters

There are a total of 37 playable characters in the game. Each character has their own class and country of origin. Each character can change their class after levelling up and gaining new skills or a moveset.

Here are all the 37 playable characters:

Character Starting ClassOrigin 
Alear (male)Dragon Child Lythos
Alear (female)Dragon Child Lythos 
Vander Paladin  Lythos 
Framme Martial MonkLythos 
Clanne Mage Lythos 
AlfredNoble  Firene  
Boucheron Axe FighterFirene 
Celine NobleFirene
Etie Archer Firene
Louis Lance Armor Firene 
Chloe Lance Flier Firene 
Jean Martial Monk Firene 
Diamant Lord Brodia
AlcrystLord Brodia 
Amber Lance Cavalier Brodia 
Jade Axe Armor Brodia
Citrinne Mage Brodia 
Lapis Sword Fighter Brodia
Yunaka Thief Brodia 
Saphir Unknown Brodia 
Timerra Sentinel Solm
FogadoSentinel Solm 
Merrin Wolf Knight Solm 
Panette Berserker Solm 
Bunet Great Knight Solm 
Pandreo High Priest Solm 
SeadallDancer Solm 
IvyWing Tamer Elusia 
Hortensia Wing Tamer Elusia 
ZelkovThief Elusia
Kagetsu SwordmasterElusia 
Rosado Wyvern Knight Elusia 
Goldmary Hero Elusia 
Anna Axe Fighter Elusia 
Lindon Unknown Elusia 
Veyle Unknown Unknown 
Mauvier Royal Knight Unknown 

Every Character mentioned above can evolve into other classes by levelling and by gaining new skills and tactics. Players can change the class of the character when they feel like it. 

That’s all the characters in the new Fire Emblem Engage, some character origins are unknown but when they get revealed we will inform you about them.

If you find this guide on all the playable characters in Fire Emblem Engage helpful, you can check our website for more such guides and news. 

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