How to Unlock Flea Market in Fire Emblem Engage

 How to Unlock Flea Market in Fire Emblem Engage

The Fire Emblem series is one of the best tactical role-playing gaming series on Nintendo Switch by Nintendo, and Fire Emblem Engage is the latest game of this gaming Series, released on 20th January 2023. Like every other Fire Emblem game, Fire Emblem Engage also has lots of activities to do and features to explore. Flea Market is an essential location that players should explore in the game, and this guide will help you know how to unlock this market.

Guide to Unlock Flea Market in Fire Emblem Engage- How It Works?

Flea market, the name itself suggests that it is a market in the game, and like every other market, players can use this market for purchasing essential items. However, not all the features unlock at the beginning of the game, and the Flea Market is one of them. Unfortunately, players can unlock this market pretty late in the game, not before completing Chapter 13.

Once you complete Chapter 13 and return to Somniel, you’ll be notified that the Flea Market is available for use. There is no side activity, or quest players need to do to unlock the Flea Market. Progressing through the main story and completing Chapters will automatically unlock the Flea Market.

Guide to Unlock Flea Market in Fire Emblem Engage- How It Works

The Flea Market is located on the southeast side of Somniel, and players can purchase necessary items like Bandages, Steel Ingot, etc., from the market for Gold. However, the game also has a gifting feature that allows you to purchase presents for your teammates and gift them to increase Support Level between two characters. So, once the Flea Market is unlocked and you have enough Gold, you can purchase the items your allies like and present them to increase the Support Level of your team.

Another exciting feature of the Flea Market is that the items in the market reset after each battle. So, if you are looking for something specific and can’t find it on the first chance, return to the market after a battle and see if that item is added to the shop. It may take some time if you are looking for a specific item, but you’ll for sure get the item.

That’s all you need to know about how to unlock and use Flea Market in Fire Emblem Engage.


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