How to Adopt Animals in Fire Emblem Engage

 How to Adopt Animals in Fire Emblem Engage

Fire Emblem Engage is the latest addition to Nintendo’s Fire Emblem series. Fire Emblem Engage released on January 20th and will only be available on Nintendo Switch.

Fire emblem Engage introduced new mechanics which will let players adopt various animals and raise them in pastures in the Somniel. Animals can be adopted depending on the reputation players have in the country. 

How to adopt animals in Fire Emblem Engage?

In order to adopt animals in Fire Emblem Engage, Players need to roam the levels after clearing each and every story battle. After clearing the story battles, players will be given some time to navigate the whole area and collect items, talk to teammates and interact with the various animals. 

While interacting with the animals, players will be given the option to adopt them and that’s how you can adopt the animals. 

It sounds easy but that’s not the whole part, to get the option for adoption players need to have a good reputation in the country they are visiting or have visited in the past. How do you increase your reputation, you may ask? You need to follow these steps to increase your reputation:

  • When players are in Somniel, they need to go to the cafe.
  • After reaching the cafe, players will need to interact with the bulletin Board
  • From the bulletin board, players will be able to send gold and even resources to the countries they have visited in past. 

By following the above steps, players will increase their reputation with the countries. You might be asking, how is this related to animal adoption? Here is your answer:

By increasing their reputation/ relationship with many countries, players will be able to adopt various kinds of animals in the game. For example, in the start players are not able to adopt cats and chickens because to adopt them, players need to build good relationships with the respective country. 

What do players receive for adopting various animals? 

By adopting various animals in Fire Emblem Engage, players can get various after completing story battles. 

While in Somniel. Players can go to the pastures and interact with the animals they have adopted. By selecting the animal players want to display, animals can pose for them and even leave rewards between or after battles. 

For example, Dogs can leave behind iron ingots, cows can leave behind some milk for players. All these resources can be very useful in progressing the game and can also help in battles. 

So that’s how a player can adopt various animals in the Fire Emblem Engage.  

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Shubham Chaurasia

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