Fire Emblem Engage Difficulty Levels- Which is Best to Play

 Fire Emblem Engage Difficulty Levels- Which is Best to Play

Tactical role-playing game fans will probably agree that these games have tons of activities to do, and these games give complete chances to test your characters’ skills. This is especially true when talking about the Fire Emblem series. However, while playing the games of this series, one common question players always have is about difficulty levels and which one is best to choose. So, this guide will help you know about the Fire Emblem Engage Difficulty levels and which one you should select.

How Many Difficulty Level Fire Emblem Engage Has & Best Difficulty to Play

If you have been playing the series for a long time, you are probably aware that these games have different difficulties and different game modes for players, and it is essential that you choose the Difficulty according to your skill level; otherwise, the game won’t be enjoyable anymore. Similarly, Fire Emblem Engage also has three difficulty levels along with two different game modes- Classic and Casual.

The game has three difficulty levels-

  • Normal Difficulty
  • Hard Difficulty
  • Maddening Difficulty
How Many Difficulty Level Fire Emblem Engage Has & Best Difficulty to Play

Among these three levels, we recommend beginners to go with Normal Difficulty because it is the easiest among the three that give less challenges, and new players get some time to understand the gameplay mechanics and story. Coming to the next difficulty level, which is the Hard Difficulty, we recommend it to those players who are familiar with the series and played the previous games. This mode has increased challenges, and enemies come more frequently. Also, enemies deal a considerable amount of damage. So, if you have a sound knowledge of the story and the gameplay mechanics, go for this difficulty level.

Finally, the Maddening Difficulty is the highest difficulty level in the game, and this is only recommended to those who love challenges and has pro skills in Fire Emblem Series. This mode skips the tutorial part, and players can no longer save the game during combat. If you start a battle and lose, you have to go back to your last save. One wrong decision will let you lose lots of things at this level. Of course, the enemies will also be terrifying at this level. So, if you are confident about your skills, you can choose Maddening Difficulty.

These are the difficulty levels players can find in Fire Emblem Engage, and it is impossible to suggest one difficulty for everyone because players should select the difficulty based on their skills. However, we can only say the game won’t be easy at any difficulty. Therefore, you have to struggle no matter what difficulty level you select.


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