What is Tower of Trials & How It Works in Fire Emblem Engage

 What is Tower of Trials & How It Works in Fire Emblem Engage

Tactical role-playing game fans will probably agree that these games have tons of activities to do, and these games give complete chances to test your characters’ skills. This is especially true when talking about the Fire Emblem series. The latest Fire Emblem series game, Fire Emblem Engage, was released only a day before, and players have already been grinding through the game to explore every feature of the game. However, this guide will help you know about the Tower of Trials and how they work in the game.

Tower of Trials in Fire Emblem Engage- How They Work?

The Fire Emblem series is an exclusive Nintendo Switch series by Nintendo, and like the previous installments, Fire Emblem Engage has brought tons of new features for the players to try in the game. Tower of Trials are one of them. Before you progress through the game, we recommend you understand the Tower of Trials features to smooth your journey.

If you have been playing the game and have unlocked the Arena, you are aware that it is a place where you can practice with your characters to test their skills and improve their experience and Bond Level. If you are unaware of unlocking Arena, check out our guide: HOW ARENA WORKS IN FIRE EMBLEM ENGAGE to get some help.

However, to use Arena, players need to be online, but there’s another newly introduced feature in the game that doesn’t require an online connection to test skills once players unlock it. That’s the Tower of Trials. Of course, The Tower of Trials is not unlocked from the beginning. Instead, players need to unlock it by completing Chapter 6.

Once you complete the Chapter 6 battle and return to Somniel, make your way to the far south to get the Tower of Trials. After you unlock it, players can do three activities here, that we have listed below-

Tower of Trials in Fire Emblem Engage- How They Work
  • Tempest Trial– though this trial won’t be available until you complete Chapter 11, this activity can be done offline. Your units will fight back-to-back battles, but the best thing is they will receive rewards upon winning a match but won’t lose anything if they are defeated.
  • Outrealm Trial– this is probably the hardest activity in the game, and players must be online to participate in this trial. This will make your team fight with other players’ curated armies controlled by an AI. However, in these trials, players can edit maps.
  • Relay Trials– This is also an online mode where players can jump into with a friend if they have Relay Tickets. Relay Tickets are essential to jump into the Relay Trials.

These three are the Tower of Trial modes players can currently get in the game, and these modes help you test your team’s skill along with getting rewards. So, before jumping into a fight, you can go for the Tower of Trials to check the strength of your characters.


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