What is Weapon Engraving in Fire Emblem Engage- How They Work

 What is Weapon Engraving in Fire Emblem Engage- How They Work

After Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, another anticipated game was released on Nintendo Switch on 20th January 2023- Fire Emblem Engage. This is a tactical role-playing game released by Nintendo exclusively for Nintendo Switch. So, players from other platforms must be upset. However, Fire Emblem is a popular gaming series, and Fire Emblem Engage is the latest installment in the series that has aroused the excitement of Nintendo Switch players.

In games like Fire Emblem Engage, battles take a massive role, and here, players can upgrade the weapons the characters use during battles. This guide will help you know how to engrave weapons in Fire Emblem Engage.

How Does Weapon Engraving in Fire Emblem Engage Work? Explained

If you have played the previous games of this series, you are aware that this game is all about battles, and as you progress, the enemies also become challenging. So it is natural that you need better weapons to fight the battles, and these better weapons can be found through upgrades.

Engraving is a powerful enchantment for the weapons of your characters, but you can’t access them unless you have already unlocked the Smithy. Unfortunately, the Smithy won’t be unlocked earlier in the game. To unlock him, you must complete Chapter 5 and return to Somniel. A cut scene will introduce you to the Smithy, who wants to join you. Once he joins your party, you’ll access the Engravings.

How Does Weapon Engraving in Fire Emblem Engage Work? Explained

Now, you can find the Smithy in the Plaza, at the center of Somniel. However, besides the Smithy, another requirement to engrave weapons is to get Emblem Rings. The Emblem Rings you get will give you Engravings, but engraving your weapons is not free. Players need to spend 100 Bond Fragments for each Engraving. Additionally, remember a single Engraving can be attached to one weapon at a time.

If you are confused about how it works, let me tell you Engraving gives your weapon stats a significant boost, which is different for every Engraving. For example, if you go with Marth’s ring, it will increase the weapon’s Hit, Crit, Avoid chance, Dodge, and Might. Similarly, some Engravings boost Might and Avoid Chances while reducing weight. So, it is better to think before you decide.

That’s all you need to know about Engravings in Fire Emblem Engage and its working process. Before you engrave weapons, make sure you select a proper Engraving for a proper weapon.


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