How to Get Cotton and Make Yarn in V Rising

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You will need to craft your gear and equipment with the resources that you find. In this guide, we will see how to get cotton and make yarn in V Rising.

How to Get Cotton and Make Yarn in V Rising

You will need to gather various materials to create products that will help you later on. Here we will see where to get cotton and make yarn in V Rising.

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You will need resources to feed your machinery and get the required product that will help you in your journey. One of the resources that you need is cotton, and with it, you can make cotton yarn and also cloth. You will need yarn to level up your armor and gear score, so finding as much cotton as possible will help you out.

To find cotton, you will have to visit Dunley Farmlands. You can enter the farms from the east or west sides of the Woodlands entrances to get to the south side of Dunley Farmlands. The Dunley Lumber Mills on the west of the Farmlands will also house some cotton. You can farm cotton by defeating villagers and destroying crops around buildings. If you find some cotton weeds, you can use any Merciless Copper weapon you have to gather them quickly. You can grow your own cotton weeds later on by collecting cotton seeds and planting them in your Castle.

To make cotton yarn, you will need to first beat Beatrice the Tailor to get the Loom blueprint. She is a V Blood Carrier, so you will need to be at least a 30 gear score to take her down. You can use your Blood Alter to find her, and she is usually located in Dawnbreak Village south. Along with getting the Loom blueprint, which you will need to make yarn and cloth, you will also get the recipes to make cotton yarn and cloth. We have an entire guide on how to defeat her, so you can check that out.

That’s all there is to know about getting cotton to make yarn in V Rising. If you like this guide you can check out our other guides as well.

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