How to Complete Foster the Orphans MK Challenge in The Outlast Trials

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The Outlast Trials is one of the most anticipated psychological horror survival games of this year. Though the game is available in its Early Access, still a considerable number of players are playing it. The name itself says the game has several trials to complete, and the Foster the Orphans MK Challenge is part of one of these trials. If you get stuck while trying to complete this challenge, go through our guide for the detailed process.

Guide to Complete Foster the Orphans MK Challenge in The Outlast Trials- How to do?

As the latest entry in The Outlast series, this game has created massive expectations among the players, and they have dived into the game to discover its features. However, as you progress, you have to go through trials, and completing these trials is the only way to progress further. Foster the Orphans is part of Program 3, where the main objective is to save the children from Mother Gooseberry and take them to their new foster home.

To start the challenge, you have to bring the Children to the gate and adjust the frequency to unlock the gate. However, there are five terminals in five different locations that you must interact with and adjust the frequency. All you need to do is locate a terminal and interact with the knobs so the frequency matches the frequency on the terminal.

Guide to Complete Foster the Orphans MK Challenge in The Outlast Trials- How to do

These terminals are not challenging to locate, as you can see green wires going in different directions from the gate. Follow them one by one, and you will reach the Terminals. The tricky part is that these Terminals are located either inside well-lit rooms or in open areas where enemies can easily spot you. For example, you can find them in the Storage Area, in the Swimming Pool area, in the dining area, etc. So, it is better to have a teammate. You can deal with them solo by leaving the task for a few moments, but it will consume lots of time.

Once you adjust all five frequencies, the gate will be opened. So, return to the children, help them escape the lobby, and board the van. Call for the Shuttle and wait for it to come. Remember, you must survive the time.

That’s all you need to know about how to complete Foster the Orphans MK Challenge in The Outlast Trials. This process is not as easy as it seems. You are trying to save children from Mother Gooseberry, and she won’t accept it easily. So, you have to encounter her a few times. 

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