How to Unlock & Use Rigs in The Outlast Trials | Best Rig to Use

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The Outlast Trials is a first-person horror game that challenges players to complete a series of trials in order to receive therapy. In order to successfully complete these trials, players must visit various locations and complete a range of objectives. To aid them in their quest, players have access to rigs which provide them with extra help. This guide will show you how to unlock these rigs and provide you with information on the best rigs to use in the game.

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How to unlock Rigs in The Outlast Trails?

In order to unlock Rigs, players need to follow these steps: 

  1. Players need to reach therapy level 2 to unlock the Rigs 
  2. Players can check their therapy level by going to the central terminal and checking their records. 
  3. Completing each trial provides players with XP so if you are short of reaching level 2, try to complete the next trial and do all the objectives to get the required XP. 
  4. After reaching Therapy level 2, players then need to find the Bingo Fue Garage which is located in the Murkoff facility
  5. There, players will meet Noakes who sell and upgrade rigs
  6. Simply buy the Rig to unlock it. (the rigs are placed just outside the shop and players can select from their)

What is the best Rig to use in The Outlast Trails?

There are in total 4 Rigs in The OutLast Trials and players can use any of them but they have their own specific uses: 

  1. Stun

This rig is all about throwable items which will stun the enemies chasing you.

  1. Blind 

This rig is all about traps and places mines all over the place to blind and release gas on the enemies. 

  1. Heal 

This Rig is all about healing and provides players with the healing gas which recovers HP for you and your teammate.

  1. X-Ray

This RIg is all about scouting as it will provide an X-ray vision to look through the walls and see if the enemies are behind the door/wall or not. 

Among the 4 rigs, the best rig according to me will be the Stun Rig as it provides the necessary ability to stun or stop the enemies. This time bought will make players more chances of surviving the trial and completing it. 

Healing Rig is good but should be the worst out of the 4 rigs as there are many healing items players and their teammates can pick up during their trials. Blind and X-ray rigs are good but can only be good situationally. 

How to Use the Rig in The Outlast Trails?

Now we know how to unlock the Rig and what is the best Rig to use out of the 4 available but how to use it? Here is how you can use the rig in the game: 

  1. After getting the Rig from the Noakes, players can equip it
  2. But in order to use the rig continuously, players need to find/collect Rig rechargers which can be found during the trials. 
  3. Rig rechargers can be found all around the trail area (on the shelves, inside the crate and even on the tables) 
  4. Rig Rechargers look like car batteries so they should be easy to find. 
  5. Players should always be looking out for these while completing trials and their objectives. 

That’s all you need to know about how to unlock Rig and which is the best Rig to use in The Outlast Trails. If you find this guide helpful, you can check our website for more such guides and news about The Outlast Trails and various other games

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