The Outlast Trails- How to Customize Your Character

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The Outlast Trials is the third and the latest installment in the Outlast Series. The Outlast series is one of the most popular survival psychological horror game series, and The Outlast Trials has received massive popularity during early access. Whenever a new game comes, players always become curious about specific features, and Customization is one of them. If you are curious about how to customize your character in The Outlast Trails, this guide will help you with it.

How to Get New Clothes and Customize Character in The Outlast Trials? Explained

Customization is one of the most popular in-game features, and almost every game includes it. Though the cosmetic items never provide any buff to the players, they are used to give the in-game character a new look so they look different. If you are playing the early access of The Outlast Trials and are curious about the customization feature, let me tell you the game has a customization feature, and players can use it to apply new outfits, night-vision goggles, and hairstyles to their character.

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The customization feature becomes accessible after you have completed the tutorial part of the game. Once you have done with the tutorial and wake up in the Murkoff Facility, you will first unlock the cell customization feature, where you can use different cosmetic items to give your cell a new look. To customize your cell, you have to get back to your cell and interact with the bed.

How to Get New Clothes and Customize Character in The Outlast Trials? Explained

However, the character customization feature is a bit different. You have to go to the mirror above the basin and interact with it to bring the Character Customization menu. Now, the main question arrives how to get new outfits, hairstyles, or goggles to the customization menu. The answer is simple; you only have to progress and complete trials. Later you can purchase the unlocked rewards by spending money. To do so, you must interact with the mirror in your cell. The game has legendary outfits for the characters, but of course, they will take time to be unlocked. These are expensive, so it will take time to save enough money to purchase them. Also, they need you to clear multiple trials to be unlocked.

That’s all you need to know about how to get new clothes and customize your character in The Outlast Trials.

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