How to Power the Generators in The Outlast Trials: Kill The Snitch Trial

Shubham Chaurasia
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If you’re seeking a thrilling and terrifying game to play with friends, consider The Outlast Trials. This game challenges players to survive and escape a series of horrifying experiments. With 12 increasingly challenging and scary trials, the first one being ‘Kill the Snitch’, players must power a generator in the basement of a police station to complete the mission and also switch on the lights. This guide will show you how to power the generator in the first trial called Kill the Snitch of The Outlast Trials.

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How to power the generators in The Outlast Trials: Kill The Snitch Trial?

After players have rolled the Snitch out of the cell, the police station will suddenly lose all its power and turn dark. Players need to go to the basement and turn on the generators. To get to the basement players will simply need to go in the direction the policewoman is showing (follow the policewoman’s mannequin to the basement).

In order to power the generators (there are 2 generators and their position somewhat changes every retry), players will need to follow these steps: 

  1. Players first need to find the fuel which is located on the wooden crate just near the basement starts. (look near the shelves) 
  1. After getting the fuel, players will need to go to the room which is labelled “ Danger Generator Room”. 
  1. After getting into the room, players will need to put the fuel in the generator and then they will see 2 switchboards on both sides. 
  1. Players need to press the button and make sure that all the switches have turned green (on both switchboards) 

NOTE: it is worth remembering the pattern players have put in because the board can short out (turn off) and they need to put flip the switch again. 

  1. After all the switches are green, go to the front and turn on the generator by cranking it. 
  1. Players need to make sure to stop the dial once it is between the green bars and the gold area. (shown above in the image)
  2. Repeat the above process and this will start the generator but players need to hide because the police will come looking for them due to the sound. 

NOTE: it is recommended to find a good hiding spot before starting the generators. 

  1. Now it is time for the other generator which is located in the next room. 
  2. Players can now follow the ingame marker to reach the generator as well. (Diamond shape marker)
  3. After finding the generator, repeat the same process of picking up the fuel from a nearby crate, putting the fuel in the generator, turning On the switches and cranking it until it starts. 

Now that the power has come back to the Police Station, players will simply need to go back to the Snitch and complete the mission. Players need to be careful as there will be police patrolling the area. 

That’s all you need to know about how to power the generator in the first trial called Kill the Snitch of The Outlast Trials. If you find this guide helpful, you can check our website for more such guides and news about The Outlast Trails and various other games. 

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