How to Complete Cancel the Autopsy in Police Station MK Challenge in The Outlast Trials

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The Outlast Trails was released in its early access a few days back, and players have dived into the game to explore the scary and thrilling gameplay. The Outlast series is one of the most popular survival psychological horror game series, and the previous two installments have received considerable popularity worldwide. So, players have been expecting a lot from the new one. The game has several trials to complete, and Cancel the Autopsy In Police Station is one of those trials that players must complete to progress through the game. If you are unaware of how to complete the trial, this guide will help you.

Guide to Complete ‘Cancel the Autopsy in Police Station’ MK Trial in The Outlast Trials- How to Do?

If you have been playing The Outlast Trials, you are aware that the game has several trials to complete, and without completing these Trials, players can’t progress further. The Cancel the Autopsy is part of an MK Trial, and players must do it inside the Police Station. If you are unaware of the task, let me tell you this trial wants you to put the bodies of the Agents into the Grinder. Of course, these are not as easy as they seem, and players may get confused about the process.

So, the first thing you need to do is to go to the Police Station and make your way to the Gymnasium. There you will find the body of the agent hanging over the Grinder. This task requires nerve to complete. The Warden and other enemies are nearby, so you must be careful about your task. The Grinder can be started easily by pressing the button, but the bodies can’t be lowered until you find three keys and activate the terminal.

Guide to Complete ‘Cancel the Autopsy in Police Station’ MK Trial in The Outlast Trials- How to Do

The Keys are found inside A, B, and C Sectors. Visit them one by one, and outside each sector, you will find a monitor with a specific symbol displayed on it. These are the clues you need to look for to find the keys. Inside the Sectors, there will be a body with the same tattoo on the body. This body has the key. However, the inside is dark, and players must bring their night-vision goggles to look clearly.

You can bring the keys one by one and put them into the terminal, or you can collect all the keys and then come to the terminal for the rest of the process. Once all the keys are used, and the terminal is activated, the actual process begins. Lower these bodies and put them into the Grinder, but the noise will alert the enemies, including the Warden. Before the enemies reach the Gymnasium, finish your work and get out of there.

Next, you must go to the Shuttle Exit and call for a Shuttle. Ensure you are alive until the Shuttle comes. Once everything is done, this task is completed.

That’s all you need to know about how to complete Cancel the Autopsy In Police Station Trial in The Outlast Trials.

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