Will The Outlast Trials Release on Game Pass

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The Outlast Trials is a survival psychological horror game released on its early access on 18th May 2023. Whenever a new game comes, players have multiple questions to ask, and one of the most asked questions is whether the game is coming on Game Pass. The Outlast Trials is no exception. Since the game was released in Early Access, players have been asking whether it will come to Game Pass. If you are having the same confusion, this guide will help you know whether to get the game on Game Pass.

Can I Play Outlast Trails on GamePass? Explained

The Outlast Trails is a psychological horror game available on PC. Players can access the early access of the game through Steam and Epic Games. However, players often become curious about whether to get the game on Xbox and PC Game Pass. Xbox Game Pass is a free subscription service for Xbox players to access games for free.

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The same is for the PC Game Pass. It is a free premium service for PC games. Players can access multiple renowned game titles for free if they have a Game Pass subscription. So, naturally, players want to access all their favorite titles on Game Pass.

If you have a Game Pass subscription and want to know if The Outlast Trails will come to Game Pass, unfortunately, it is not. Currently, as we have mentioned that The Outlast Trails is a PC game that can only be accessed through Epic Games and Steam.

Can I Play Outlast Trails on GamePass? Explained

The developers have no current plans to bring it to Xbox and PlayStation, and unless it comes to Xbox, you can’t expect to get it on Xbox Game Pass. This game is not on PC Game Pass as well. It can only be accessed with an Epic Game or Steam account.

On their official Twitter, the developers have said they have plans to bring the game to PlayStation and Xbox as the previous installments of this series were on Consoles. However, it will take some time, so currently, there’s no way you can play The Outlast Trails on Game Pass.

That’s all you need to know about whether you can get The Outlast Trails on Game Pass.

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