The Outlast Trials Prescription Feature- How to Use

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The Outlast Trials is the third and the latest installment in the Outlast Series. This psychological horror survival game series is one of the most popular series, and The Outlast Trials has received massive popularity during early access. However, the new game has brought a few new features, and the Prescriptions are one of them. If you are unaware of the Prescriptions, this guide will help you with it.

The Outlast Trails Prescription Feature Explained- How to Use?

If you have played the previous Outlast games, you are aware that these games are scary enough with challenging trials to complete. Like Survival games, this game also has powerful enemies, and players must survive against them based on their skills. Therefore, except for weapons and equipment, players also need specific abilities to escape or control certain situations.

If you are not sure about the Prescription feature, let me tell you, the Prescription feature is like the perk system in other games. Like you progress and unlock perks in other games, you can purchase Prescriptions in The Outlast Trials to get new abilities and use them in combats. However, the first thing to notice is that the Prescription system is unavailable at the beginning of the game. Players must progress and reach Therapy Level 3 to interact with Emily Barlow and purchase prescriptions.

The Outlast Trails Prescription Feature Explained- How to Use

Therapy Level is like the Player’s level. As you progress and complete trials, you will get XP to increase your Therapy Level. So, you can easily understand, Prescriptions will be unlocked early but not at the beginning of the game. Emily Barlow is the nurse in the Pharmacy located in the Hallway, and as you match the criterion, you can interact with her and go through the available Prescriptions. There are different tiers of Prescriptions, and players can get 16 Prescriptions like Instant Use, Regeneration, Slide, Run and Smash Doors, Life Saver, etc.

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Before you purchase a Prescription, you must know that purchased Prescriptions can’t be refunded. Once you purchase a Prescription, it will be yours and be active permanently. So, be careful before purchasing a Prescription.

That’s all you need to know about how to unlock Prescription in The Outlast Trials.

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